Horseradish Recipes To Enjoy

Horseradish Recipes To Enjoy

In an earlier post I talked about the horseradish plant and the benefits that this spicy root can have when added to our diets besides it just tastes so darn good. I had promised that I would give you some recipes to use once you have harvested some of the roots. So, here I go giving you some ideas on how to use the root other than buying it in a sauce in the grocery store. (Which by the way there is absolutely nothing wrong with!).

Apple Horseradish Sauce

Perfect for pork dishes!


4 Granny Smith apples
2 fluid ounces cider vinegar
2 ounces fresh horseradish, grated
1 teaspoon paprika
1 fluid ounce white wine

Grate the apples and moisten them with vinegar. Add the horseradish and paprika. Thin to the desired consistency with the wine.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes


8 large red potatoes, diced with peel on
1 Tablespoon butter
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 Tablespoon Horseradish

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes until tender. Drain well. Add butter, cream, and horseradish, then mash well. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Make Your Own Sauce – It is really easy!

The guy in this video shows us just how to do it!

You can also use horseradish as a topper on vegetables and in salads as a substitute for butter and salt.

There are really many ways to prepare and use horseradish in our meals. For some really great recipes, try this cookbook:

horseradish cookbook
Horseradish Greats: Delicious Recipes, The Top 100 Recipes

I think you will have fun and really enjoy these recipes using the horseradish that you grew in your Indiana garden or purchased in the produce section of your local grocery store. Of course, being a gardener, I prefer growing my own but if space for you is limited there is nothing wrong with buying a root and using it in your recipes.

Bees And Your Garden Crops

Bees And Your Garden Crops

It is time to continue with my short little series of attracting bees to our gardens whether we grow flowers, edible crops or both.  Today we will cover the edible variety of plants. Maybe you hadn’t thought about fruits and vegetable attracting bees. Many of them do get a little blossom on them that eventually becomes the food we are growing. The flowers can have nectar, pollen or both and some even need to be pollinated by the bee in order to produce.

bees on cherry blossoms

Sun loving plants do the best to attract bees. Areas that get close to 5 to 6 hours are the best. That doesn’t mean that you will never see a bee visit a plant that is in the shade.  They are just more likely to go for those in the sun.

Indiana Corn Postcard
Indiana Corn Postcard by Mamajo3304 at

Agricultural plants for bees in the garden:

  •  Strawberries bloom in May and June giving each bee both pollen and nectar
  • Sweet Corn blooms in June and July providing pollen for the bees
  • Cucumbers (that can be made into pickles) bloom from June through August giving nectar and pollen for a bee to feed on
  • Pumpkins produce blooms from July to the first frost and have both nectar and pollen
  • Melons bloom from June to the first frost and also have nectar and pollen for bees
  • Watermelons give a bee nectar and pollen during June and July
  • Herbs are really great to have and each type provides nectar during their blooming season

Strawberries, 'sparkle' Variety

Strawberries in bloom
Wally Eberhart Photo

We do not cultivate these plants but dandelions and clovers are especially loved by bees. They do not seem to care that us humans consider these plants both invasive and a weed. They like the nectar and pollen that are produced by them.

Pesticides and Insecticides Are Harmful To Bees

When it comes to planting plants in our gardens and taking care of our lawns, we often are encouraged to use pesticides to keep down the growth of weeds and to get rid of unwanted insects. It really is not a good idea. So many cancer causing agents have been linked to the ingredients used in pesticides and insecticides that we should not do it for our own health.  When it comes to bees they are really bad. The product may kill the bees and often times kills plants that they feed on. Look for natural products that can do the job without those nasty ingredients that are on the shelves today.

Our gardens in Indiana can produce luscious foods for us to eat and lovely flowers for us to enjoy while at the same time encouraging bees to survive and thrive in our areas. It is really important to keep a balance in the overall eco systems that are present in our living spaces and bees are an important part of that.

One last thought before I conclude my little series on bees in the garden. Not all bees produce honey but those that do provide a great food source for us to enjoy. Honey is a very healthy choice to have in our diets. Purchasing honey that has been produced locally is the best choice when choosing honey at a grocery store, the farmers market or wherever you make your honey purchases. I have to tell you that the best honey that I have ever tasted (and I buy exclusively now) is made just 5 miles from where I live. Try some local honey, you will not be disappointed!

Indiana Flowers Bees Love

Indiana Flowers Bees Love

coneflower If you have been following this blog, you know that a while back I started talking about Bees In The Garden and introduced you to some trees and shrubs that attract bees which are probably the most welcome of all wildlife visitors to our gardens. I promised to continue with other plants that you can have in your garden that promote the coming of the bees. I will concentrate on the Indiana flowers that bees love since that is what I am most familiar with. Remember the bees help pollinate your pretty flowers, fruit plants and vegetable plants so we want them to buzz around the garden with wanton abandon.

Today we will talk about the Indiana flowers that bees love to land on to get both nectar and pollen. They do need both for a balanced diet, if you remember and not all plants give both. Placing these plants in a sunny spot will work the best because the bees like the warmth of the sun. They do not care much for windy areas so keep that in mind, too. Oh, and another thing to keep in mind. Hybrid plants might be pretty with those blooms that are to die for but bees get no nourishment from them at all. Hybrids are bred to produce awesome blooms and in the process they loose the nectar and pollen that they would have naturally produced if they had been left alone. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not against those lovely plants, they just are not great for getting bees to your garden.

Purple Coneflower Notecard
Purple Coneflower Notecard by knotaway at Zazzle

Indiana Flowers To Plant For Bees:

  • Asters are great looking in a flower garden and produce nectar and pollen for bees from September to frost. They are also native to our area.
  • Black-eyed Susans bloom in June and July and provide nectar for the bees
  • Brown-eyed Susans bloom later in July and August giving more nectar
  • Candytuft shares their blooms in May and provide nectar
  • Cosmos provide pollen in August and September
  • Creeping Phlox looks so lovely in a rock garden during May and June and gives the bees some sweet nectar
  • Grape Hyacinth gives nectar while Hyacinth produces nectar and pollen, both bloom in April
  • Lavender produces nectar from June through September
  • Purple Coneflowers are native to Indiana and produce nectar in July and August
  • Salvia blooms in May and June giving the bees some nectar
  • Sunflowers bloom from June through September and the bees get both nectar and pollen from them
  • Zinnia plants give us color from August through October and the bees get nectar
Black-Eyed Susan and Wagon Wheel Photo Print
Black-Eyed Susan and Wagon Wheel Photo Print by NancyTrippPhotoGifts at

There are other flowers that will grow here in Indiana that also attract those precious bees but I did not include them on the list because they are difficult to find, at least in my local area. That is one of my pet peeves when it comes to shopping for plants or seeds. I’ll see this gorgeous plant in a magazine and I want it but find that it is not available. Well, then don’t temp me with it! I’m saving you the frustration by not even going there.

Another thing to remember is that bees can actually see color. The colors that they seem most attracted to are bright white, yellow and blue. That doesn’t mean they won’t go to a pink or red flower, they just like the other colors better.

In a later post we will talk about garden fruits and vegetables that bees love.

Bees Should Be Encouraged To Thrive

Bees Should Be Encouraged To Thrive

A Bee Does More Than Sting

You might not have given this much thought but it really is something to consider. Have you made your garden an inviting place for bees to come? You may be thinking, “What? I don’t want to get stung by a bee nor do I want my kids to be stung. No bees in my garden!” It is time to change your thinking if you feel that way. Bees are a necessity to every garden! Those plants rarely pollinate themselves, you know. When a bee travels from blossom to blossom it will carry the pollen on it’s feet and then it transfers to the next plant. That is a good thing! If they happen to be honey bees, then some hive is going to produce some delicious honey!

bees in garden


So, what plants do we have in Indiana that will create a bee garden? There are so many wonderful trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that bees love to come dine on. The trick is to have something in bloom during the entire growing season. You want those bees to keep coming back and to tell their friends to come, too. Providing plants that offer nectar and pollen gives each bee a balanced diet.

Vintage Bees and Daisy Post Card
Vintage Bee and Daisy Post Card by knottysailor at zazzle


Indiana Trees Good For Bees:

  • Apple trees provide both nectar and pollen and bloom from April to May
  • Pear trees provide nectar and bloom from April to May
  • Elm, Maple, Redbud and Oak trees provide pollen and nectar blooming in March and April
  • Walnut trees provide pollen and bloom in April and May
  • Tulip Poplar trees provide nectar and pollen blooming in May and June

Indiana Shrubs And Brambles That Every Bee Will Like:

  • Boxwood shrubs bloom in March and April and give the bees nectar
  • Blackberry and raspberry plants bloom in May and June providing both nectar and pollen
  • Butterfly Bush blooms July to September and gives them nectar to eat
  • Cotoneaster produces nectar and pollen in May and June
  • Roses produce pollen from June through September
  • Viburnum has nectar in May and June
Viburnum Post Card
Viburnum Post Card by florianesser at


As I sit here writing this, I realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface on the plants that grow here in Indiana that can be a part of a bee garden. The longest list comes from the flowers, fruits and crops that also attract bees. So, I think I will make them separate posts so that this does not get too long.

Having any of the trees, shrubs and brambles in the above list as a part of your overall landscaping plan around your home is going to attract those much wanted little bees and have them buzzing around with delight.

English Gardens Calendar 2017

English Gardens Calendar 2017

Lovely Calendar Showcases English Gardens

english gardens

Example of an English garden from

There is not anything more entrancing than the magic of English gardens, in my humble opinion. I would venture to say that just about any gardener envies the charm and tranquility that is provided in any well planned English garden. Speaking of planning, a calendar showcasing those types of gardens is a great way to plan the coming year and enjoy a love of gardening at the same time.

Just as in planning the every day events of our busy schedules takes a little time, so does the planning of the English gardens found around the globe. One does not just accomplish a garden that is truly English in style in one day. Perhaps during 2017 you can organize your busy days while admiring the lovely styles of gardens that the English have made so very popular.

English Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar

What defines the making of English Gardens?

Typically English gardens incorporate a path of some sort that leads one into an inviting world of topiary and vined trellises. We are greeted with vibrant colors of a variety of flowers as our senses also take in the fragrances of the plants. A garden in the English style invites the visitor to take in the peace and tranquility of nature as they walk the paths.

One might find a bench to rest on while enjoying the view around them. You will also almost always find a mixture of flowers, herbs and vegetables in a garden of English design. If the area is large enough there will also be a grassy area to enjoy.

There will be raised beds along the way with either perennials or annuals or a mixture of both. The path will wind lazily around the garden or perhaps in a more elegant setting there will be a maze to wonder through. Shaped hedges both short and tall will mingle withing the landscape creating a most peaceful visit with nature.

Whether you plan to have your own garden with an English design or you just admire the creativity of one, I think having a calendar for 2017 of English gardens will serve you well. As you plan your year, you can enjoy the beauty of the age old designs of gardening in the style of the British.

Baking Cookbook From Duff Goldman

Baking Cookbook From Duff Goldman

Baking Like A Pro With Duff’s Help

baking angels

Baking angels from

I love baking and I also love watching Duff Goldman on the different programs that he is involved with on the Food Network channel. Imagine my delight when I found this cookbook with his recipes in them! I am always fascinated with his artistry when it comes to decorating cakes and also his down to earth personality. The kids shows that he helps host are just delightful and I love how he works with children.

So, one of the items that I plan to ask for when my birthday rolls around is the baking cookbook by Duff Goldman.


baking cookbook
Duff Bakes: Think And Bake Like A Pro

The cookbook offers over 130 different recipes that are not just artful cakes. Duff is actually quite a good pasty chef who happens to excel in cake decorating. In this cookbook we can learn the skills of baking breads, pastry doughs, muffins, cookies and so much more from Duff. I noticed that one of the recipes is for bacon jalapeno biscuits. Now that sounds like a savory treat that both my husband and I would enjoy! I think that is one reason that this particular book appeals to me, it isn’t just about baking desserts.  You and I will find some recipes for other baked items as well.

Available In Different Formats

Another feature about this book is that it is available in hardcover which is what I prefer for my cookbooks and also in digital form for those who prefer reading their recipes from their mobile devices. Being able to access his recipes from your tablet or phone is a real convenience if you happen to be away from home or do not have room to store several cookbooks.

I am really hoping that one of my girls will get choose this as one of my birthday gifts this year. I am pretty sure with the help of Duff, my baking will take on a new level.

The author may receive a small commission when items linked to are purchased from this article.

Rag Doll Patterns To Make Yourself

Rag Doll Patterns To Make Yourself

Sew Your Own Rag Doll

rag dolls

If you are a woman who is crafty and looking for a fun project, using rag doll patterns to sew a doll for yourself, a special child, or even to sell is a delightful option. Girls still love fabric dolls to play with. There are several options available to work on a project of making a rag doll today. It might even be a fun project for a sewing group to make up several rag dolls sharing patterns and donate them to a shelter for battered woman and children.

A Little History Of Rag Dolls

Fabric dolls or what is commonly known as rag dolls began to appear during the American Colonial period. Up to that point most dolls were made from corn husks, carved from wood, or made of wax. Creative mothers, grandmothers, and aunts began to fashion dolls out of scrap fabric or “rags” for the little girls in their lives. The body and clothing were made from cloth with the hair made from yarns, string, and sometimes lace. It was not uncommon for the doll to have a blank face. Some adults and some children painted faces on the dolls. It was an inexpensive way for a little girl to have a doll that she could love and care for.

A Few Examples Of Available Rag Doll Patterns

A modern version of the infamous Raggedy Ann doll is a wonderful option for a doll pattern. I particularly like the fabric dolls pattern in the second photo. It gives you the option of creating different hair styles and clothing for the dolls, too.

Raggedy Ann Doll PatternRaggedy Ann Doll PatternCHECK PRICE

Rag Doll & Clothes PatternRag Doll & Clothes PatternCHECK PRICE





Raggedy Ann Probably The Most Famous Rag Doll In The World

Johnny Gruelle created the fame of a raggedy old doll named Ann in a series of stories that have been loved by many since he first started to write and illustrate them in the early 1900s. There are several legends as to how he got the idea for Raggedy Ann. The one that I am most familiar with is the one that occurs in Indianapolis, Indiana when supposedly his little girl Marcella brought him a rag doll from the attic that needed some repair. Legend says that he penned a whimsical face on the doll and suggested she have her Grandmother sew another button on for her eye. There are other legends similar that say it happened in other cities that the Gruelle family lived in. It must depend on the area that you are closest to as to that part of the legend. It has even been suggested that Gruelle himself started that legend to add to the charm of the stories. Myrtle Gruelle, Johnny’s wife, was said to have told that Johnny himself rescued the doll from the attic and said that it would make for a good story. I think that it probably doesn’t matter what the real story is or was. What is important is that an adventurous little doll became loved by people all over the world and still is.

My first rag doll was made from a pattern for Raggedy Ann by a loving relative and I cherished her. Both of my daughters were given a Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy doll made by my Great Aunt. I think that there are probably a lot of women that remember that their rag doll was sewn from loving hands by someone who thought they were special. That is a wonderful tradition to carry through into today, don’t you think?

Of course the rag doll doesn’t have to be Ann, you can choose any rag doll pattern to make a doll for a special little girl to love, snuggle, and cuddle with. With the wonderful fabrics available today, the fabric doll can even fit the heritage of your family with the correct clothing to match the culture of your own lineage.

Cloth, Fabric, or Rag Dolls As A Charitable Gift

I love the idea of women coming together to craft items much like the old days when women met to quilt together. Wouldn’t it be cool for women to make several rag dolls and have them available to give to little girls when a disaster has befallen her little soul? Perhaps fire destroyed her home, a flood ruined the family belongings, or a tornado swept everything away. A doll made by loving hands could lift her little spirits. Rag doll patterns of a variety of styles could be used to make dolls for the children in Homeless Shelters or shelters for abused women and their kids. Perhaps you could use your sewing talents with some women you know to do this very thing!

Jyn Erso Rogue One Costume

Star Wars: Rogue One Female Costume For Jyn Erso

A perfect costume for the ladies who are fans of Star Wars! Dress as the ultimate rebel, Jyn Erso either for Halloween, your next ComicCon or any CosPlay event that you plan to attend. Ladies, get in touch with your inner roguish self while wearing this fun costume. Prepare to give the Empire a run for their money!

I’m sure you know the story of this character so, hone in on all of those skills that Jyn has on her Imperial rap sheet. You know…she is good at forgery, doesn’t mind assaulting her enemies and has been known to possess stolen goods from time to time. You will find that you can be the most wanted candidate in the room to try and steal those plans for the Death Star.

jyn erso costume
Star Wars: Rogue One Adult Women’s Deluxe Jyn Erso Costume

Deluxe Costume Includes:

  • Jacket with attached shirt front (has velcro closure in back)
  • pants (elastized waist for comfort)
  • belt (fastens at the waist and thigh)

This Jyn Erso costume has all of the basics for you to dress as your newest favorite Star Wars character. You can add your own boots and gloves, if you like.

One feature that you should be aware of is that the holster is a painted on design. I think that makes for a more comfortable wearing adventure but it will detract if you want a more authentic look for your costume. It is still a good start for your character costume and you can always add a real holster and Jyn Erso gun when they become available in the future. I haven’t found any yet but as of the writing of this post, the movie is a fairly new release and new merchandise is coming out every day.