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Bev Owens Hi! I’m Bev Owens the sole proprietor and chief consultant here at The House of Rumpley. My decorating experience spans several decades and no I’m not going to say exactly how many multiples of 10 that involves. My interest in interior design began back when I was about ten years old and my Mom let me decorate my own bedroom. It took me quite a while to get it just the way I wanted but I learned so much in the process. I wish that I had taken some pictures back then but they would have been in black and white and the colors I chose would be hard to detect. There I go again hinting at an advanced age! But you can tell that by my photo on the left, anyway.

I do want to confess that I do not have a degree in interior design. What I have learned is from the actual doing it on my own. Let me tell you I have visited many a furniture store, paint shop and a variety of other places to decorate the rooms of ten different homes over the years and each had its unique style, color combinations and appeal. I hope that this is what you are looking for: advice from someone who has walked in your shoes and decorated homes without professional help. There were several homes that took me years to complete because the money was tight so I had to do it slowly. I understand working with a budget and creating rooms with what I could afford. I hope that you will find my experienced advice helpful and fun to follow.

My best advice to you would be to stay within what you love in design and do not fall into a trap of doing your rooms with what seems to be popular at the time. Remember, you will have to live with your choices every day so pick colors and styles that you will not tire of quickly. Take your time and be happy with your choices. It is your home and it should reflect your personality when people walk in. No one says that it all has to be done in a day. I know, we wish that we could snap our fingers and it is all done and money is no object but that isn’t the reality for most of us.


I am also an author of fiction books. You can read book number 1 in my Roni Rainer series here:

Death Takes A Spin

Book 2 in series:

Illegal Harvest

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Beverly Owens

Bev has been decorating rooms and homes since she was a little kid, starting with her own bedroom. She loves to share ideas for decorating different rooms in the home along with some outstanding products that she finds from time to time.