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I don’t know of many bird watchers that do not love the beautiful red bird that visits our backyards, the cardinal. It is the state bird of many states, including my home state of Indiana. I have a bit of a small collection of these little birds in the house and am always thrilled when I see one at the feeders in my backyards. I think that I would have been drawn to these lovely red birds anyway but they are especially dear to me because they were my Grandmother’s favorite bird.

So, I always look for a calendar each year that features the cardinals and this year I have found three that make me smile. I’ll have to make a decision as to which one will hang on my wall on the back porch. That is the place where I watch my little winged friends the most because the feeders are just outside the windows.

cardinal wall calendar
Cardinals 2017 Wall Calendar

This 12 month calendar by Brown Trout offers 12 lovely images of the lovely cardinal that visit so many of our backyards. This particular calendar is in stock and ready to ship.


cardinals calendar
Cardinals 2017 Wall Calendar

An 18 month calendar features our winged friend, the cardinal and is published by Willow Creek. It measures 12 inches wide by 24 inches long when opened and hung on our wall in the home or office. Order this calendar now with shipping being quick as it is in stock and ready to be on its way.

cardinal towel calendar
Spring Cardinals 2017 Kitchen Towel Calendar

If you want to go a little old school and have a calendar that functions in two ways, you can choose this calendar with cardinals that is really a kitchen towel. It will add to your kitchen decor, help you dry your dishes and let you know the calendar year. You can also just hang it on a wall like you would any calendar.

I’m not sure yet, which one I will pick for the year of 2017, I have some time to decide. If you were going to choose one, which one of these three would it be?

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