Classic Cowgirls Datebook 2015

Cowgirl Datebook

Cowgirl 2015 Weekly Planner – $17.95

Combine the photographic images of modern cowgirls with the features of a personal day planner and you have a real winner for your choices to organize your daily life. David Stoecklein offers up 60 different photos of cowgirls in this softcover engagement calendar for you to enjoy throughout the year of 2015.

Cowgirl 2015 Weekly Planner

This calendar is a perfect companion to the Cowgirls wall calendar previously reviewed. The advantage is that you get more cowgirl photos and you can carry this one with you. Shucks, you can have one for the wall and one to carry in your purse or tote bag.

Shipment begins around June 13, 2014 and can be pre-ordered for your convenience. That way you can get started on entering important appointments, birthdays, and other important days that you will need to remember in 2015.

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