Wild Horses Wall Calendars 2016

Wall Calendars Featuring Wild Horses

Wild horses roaming freely in their natural habitats are featured in twelve full color photographs. Four bonus months are included in the large format calendar for your wall. Ample room for jotting appointments on the daily grids. Calendar shows the moon phases and US and International holidays. Published by Willow Creek Press.

wild horses calendar
Wild Horses 2016 Wall Calendar

Wild and free, the rare and beautiful wild horse actually originated in the Americas, and then died out about 10,000 years ago, at least on the North American continent. The Spanish eventually brought domesticated horses over with them on their expeditions. For a number of reasons, many of these horses and their descendants were left to the wild where they thrived.

At their peak it is estimated that several million mustangs roamed the Americas. Fewer than 20,000 were left in 1971 when a Federal law was passed to protect those still in the United States. Calendar is published by Brown Trout Publishers.

mustangs wild horses calendar
Mustangs Wild Horses of the West 2016 Wall Calendar

Rita and Charles Summers photographs of horses running free on the open range. It also reminds us of the need to preserve open range for horses. Sales of this calendar benefit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota, where more than 10,000 acres have been set aside to protect unadoptable wild mustangs and allow them to run free. Published by Tide-Mark.

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