Bottle Stoppers For Halloween

Bottle Stoppers For Halloween

I don’t know about you but in our home we usually have a bottle of wine opened at the bar at any given time. When it comes to decorating for holidays, I like to have one or two bottle stoppers that have a Halloween theme ready to top those bottles until we have finished it off. There are so many cute stoppers with this theme that you can add to your bar accessories and make them a part of your decorating each year.

A few of my favorites that are available this year are shown here on this page.

Haunted HouseHaunted HouseCheck Availability

Black Bat StopperBlack Bat StopperCheck Availability

Witch TopperWitch TopperCheck Availability

Graveyard StopperGraveyard StopperCheck Availability

There are others available but these really caught my attention. They do not have to be on a bottle of wine, you can just as easily place them on other bottles like bourbon, gin or any standard bottle that needs to be topped after it has been opened.

Typically we think of these stoppers to be used on wine because it is essential to use them on an open bottle before we place it in the refrigerator or on the bar top. They are convenient because we can not put the original cork back in the bottle and we do not want the extra oxygen to infiltrate our wine. If we do not use a stopper (Halloween or otherwise) our wine will lose its flavor and become tasteless which is no fun. The most important thing is to make sure that the bottle is completely sealed by the stopper.

For additional selections of bottle stoppers for Halloween check out this link: October Bottle Stoppers.

When Halloween is over just wrap these little toppers up and store with the rest of the decorations for next year.