Songbirds Calendar 2017

Plan Your Year With Songbirds

Songbirds 2017 Wall Calendar

Not only do the songbirds that visit our yards bring us joy just by seeing them but their songs lighten our hearts and bring a smile to our lips. Now you can have a calendar that shows the beauty of these birds while organizing your daily, weekly, and monthly events in one place. The calendar below features the artwork of Susan Bourdet showing our little winged friends in different scenes from her imagination.

songbirds calendar
Songbirds 2017 Wall Calendar

I’m showing the wall calendar but this one also comes in a small weekly planner, a vertical wall calendar and a softcover planner if those fit your needs better. They are all in stock and ready to ship to your home or office so that you can begin to plan your year 2017.

You can also find other calendars that feature our beloved little songbirds that show photos of the birds rather than artwork. The Songbirds 2017 Wall Calendar is an example of photography featuring the perching birds who liven our hearts with their songs each day.

Whether it be the distinctive chatter of the cardinal or blue jay or the sounds of larks and finches, these birds usually let us know that they have come for a visit to our backyards. We may not always see them but we know they are there by there musical little voices.

Birdhouse Calendars

It is the time of the year that we begin to see new calendars becoming available for the coming year and I guess you know that being the bird lover that I am; I’m usually looking for ones that have to do with birds. No big surprise there, I’m sure. I’m pretty fascinated with all things that have to do with birds and bird houses is certainly one of them. There are so many really cool and practical ones available for our little winged friends and there is also a calendar that features the beautiful artwork of Tim Coffey and his imaginative birdhouses.

Birdhouses 2017 Wall Calendar

You can also get this calendar in a smaller version: Birdhouses 2017 Mini Wall Calendar or in a Softcover Weekly Planner

The large calendar or standard sized one for 2017 measures about 13 1/2 inches wide and 24 inches long when opened and hanging on the wall. It has medium sized grids each month to accommodate your notes. It also covers a 12 month calendar year.

This calendar is in stock and ready to ship from if you want to go ahead and order it so that you are ready for the new year. It will be here before you know it.

The publishing company for the Birdhouses calendar that I am previewing for you here on this blog post is LANG which has been the #1 choice of calendars since 1999. I love the calendars that they produce. They are always on thick paper and are a nicer quality than some of the cheaper ones that we find. They are especially nice when you are like me and use your calendar on a daily basis, they don’t fall apart from the extended use.

Backyard Bird Calendars

We all have birds as neighbors and there are an estimated 62 million Americans who love to watch and feed those little winged friends in their backyards. Many of us love to watch from our own windows as the little feathered friends land in our yards to feed, drink and play. Personally, I also love to have a backyard bird calendar in my home, too.

Backyard Birds 2017 Wall Calendar

The calendar above features 12 of the most interesting of those visitors to our backyards: Northern Cardinal; Western Tanager; Indigo Bunting; Baltimore Oriole; Blue Jay; Great Tit; Scarlet Tanager; Cedar Waxwing; Western Bluebird; Evening Grosbeak; Red-headed Woodpecker; Painted Bunting. Each month features a specific bird and is accompanied by fascinating National Geographic information and a large grid with moon phases and international holidays. The added bonus from the purchase of this particular calendar is that the proceeds from the sale support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs. The backyard birds calendar from National Geographic includes a 3-year at-a-glance page and is earth friendly, printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper.

Each year as I begin to look for a new calendar with my little feathered friends as the topic, I struggle with which one to purchase. I love the one featured above by National Geographic but I also love one below.

Backyard Birds 2017 Wall Calendar

Both show my little bird in all their feathered glory and I might just have to get both of them this year. I could have one here at my desk and perhaps one out on the back porch where I sit the most to watch my little visitors in the backyard. I have a little time to decide before I order. How about you? Which of the two do you prefer? Or are you like me and want both?

Calendars With Cardinals

If you love cardinals

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I don’t know of many bird watchers that do not love the beautiful red bird that visits our backyards, the cardinal. It is the state bird of many states, including my home state of Indiana. I have a bit of a small collection of these little birds in the house and am always thrilled when I see one at the feeders in my backyards. I think that I would have been drawn to these lovely red birds anyway but they are especially dear to me because they were my Grandmother’s favorite bird.

So, I always look for a calendar each year that features the cardinals and this year I have found three that make me smile. I’ll have to make a decision as to which one will hang on my wall on the back porch. That is the place where I watch my little winged friends the most because the feeders are just outside the windows.

cardinal wall calendar
Cardinals 2017 Wall Calendar

This 12 month calendar by Brown Trout offers 12 lovely images of the lovely cardinal that visit so many of our backyards. This particular calendar is in stock and ready to ship.


cardinals calendar
Cardinals 2017 Wall Calendar

An 18 month calendar features our winged friend, the cardinal and is published by Willow Creek. It measures 12 inches wide by 24 inches long when opened and hung on our wall in the home or office. Order this calendar now with shipping being quick as it is in stock and ready to be on its way.

cardinal towel calendar
Spring Cardinals 2017 Kitchen Towel Calendar

If you want to go a little old school and have a calendar that functions in two ways, you can choose this calendar with cardinals that is really a kitchen towel. It will add to your kitchen decor, help you dry your dishes and let you know the calendar year. You can also just hang it on a wall like you would any calendar.

I’m not sure yet, which one I will pick for the year of 2017, I have some time to decide. If you were going to choose one, which one of these three would it be?

Birds In Art Calendar

A Calendar for the bird enthusiast

As much as we love to see your winged little friends visit our backyards, many of us also enjoy birds in art in the form of prints, paintings, woodcuts and fabrics. We can also enjoy the creativity of the different artists in the form of a calendar to use to organize out lives throughout the year. My favorite calendar of this variety is shown below.

birds in art calendar
Birds in Art 2017 Wall Calendar

The Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases many styles of birds in art and present a calendar each year showing some of the best on display. We can enjoy the artist’s renditions of cranes, peacocks, hummingbirds and so many other types of bird species in the calendar. The avian subjects from famous artists and nature enthusiasts like Audubon and Hiroshige are depicted in this years calendar that spans from September 2016 through December 2017.

The calendar can be be pre-ordered at this time with shipping expected to begin around October 7, 2016. What a delightful way to encourage a love of art and of our little winged friends by hanging a calendar like this in our home or office.