Salmon: A Painting Idea For The Dining Room

Salmon: A Painting Idea For The Dining Room

salmon-fan Are you looking to change the look of your dining room? One of the easiest ways to accomplish a new look is to paint the walls a new color. I would like to offer Salmon as a painting idea for your dining room. Yes, that lovely pinkish with a hint of orange color…salmon. You can go from the palest hue to a darker hue depending on your tastes. I know, it isn’t exactly one of the standard choices for a wall color but it would look really gorgeous in a dining room and give your room a warm and inviting feeling.

The nice thing about choosing salmon as a wall color is that you can make it look formal with your choice of trim color and accessories or you can give your room a casual feel by using different trim and accents.  So, you should think about which style you will be wanting to achieve before you select your trim and accent pieces.

Most people would probably go with a white trim in a salmon room and that would look nice. I recommend that you choose a cream color for the trim.  A nice subtle cream color will add warmth to the room and give it a formal appearance.  If you are really wanting to think outside of the box with your trim, a silver toned gray would be really elegant. It could be accented with silver candlesticks and accessories on your table including your silverware. Before you shake your head at my idea, think about nature. The salmon has that beautiful pinkish orange color on the inside but its skin is silver.  I’m not suggesting a metallic paint for the woodwork, just a soft gray that makes you think silver.

If you want a less formal dining area you could go with some fun combinations for accessories and trim like turquoise or another contrasting color that you love.

You can add to the color scheme with the upholstery in your chairs, your tablecloth, and even the art you put on your walls. Don’t overdo it with the salmon but touches of darker and lighter hues in your accessories can really make your decor look professional and no one will ever know you did it yourself unless you tell them.

After you have chosen your paint colors, remember to have the right supplies on hand:

Painting your own walls and trim is something that you can definitely do yourself and can make a boring room come alive with new color to set the mood.

Use Beautiful Vases To Add Color To Your Rooms

Use Beautiful Vases To Add Color To Your Rooms

Vases So Pretty That Flowers Are Optional

tulips for vases Tulips, lilacs, and peonies are in season every spring in my backyard. After cutting a few fine specimens, I find myself searching for a beautiful vase to display them in. Up until now, I had not thought to decorate using beautiful vases in my home. I had my vases hidden away because they were rather drab and boring. Simple unadorned clear glass vases that only look nice when the flowers are added and even then no one notices the vase.

For me that is all about to change because I have decided that a vase can be a piece of art and a part of my interior design all on its own. Flowers will become optional and will only add to the beauty of my display.

Many of the lovely vases that I have showcased in this article came from some of my favorite online shopping sites, including Amazon, Wayfair and other sites.

I hope you can find your own piece of beautiful art here as well as some ideas for how to display them. I’ll be adding great new vases as I find them.

Image Credit: Tulip Field

Decorate With Ceramic Vases

Decorate your house, apartment, or office with ceramic vases in a variety of forms. Your vase can be elegant, contemporary, or have an antique look to it. Pick a style that compliments your decor and the colors in your room. Personally, I like to use a contrasting color for my vases.

chartreuse green vase
Crosshatch Detail Ceramic 11″ and 12″ Tall Vase in Chartreuse Green Glaze

Porcelain Vases

When decorating with porcelain you achieve a more delicate and refined look in your interior design. A lovely choice for any room in the house you can choose from a contemporary maker or go with a vintage or even antique porcelain vase. They can be found in every color of the rainbow and in just about any style you prefer.

Glass Vases

Decorating your house with glass vases can really create an interesting effect. Glass vases do not have to be clear glass anymore. Rich reds, ambers, browns, greens, and just about any color you can visualize can be found in today’s glass vases for our home decor. They can be a solid color or have a design to them.

art glass vase
Sunrise Art Glass Oval Vase

Crystal Vases

Made of crystal glass which is a more refined glass, vases can define a table with elegance. You can make a dramatic statement with a simple and elegant vase like one of the many Irish Galway Crystal Vases.

What Is A Vase?

A vase is an open container typically used to hold cut flowers. It can be made from a number of materials including ceramics,glass, metal, wood, and other materials. Often times the vase is decorated and used to enhance the beauty of the contents it holds.

Vases are defined as having a certain form. The foot is the lowest portion giving a distinguishable base to the piece. The design of the base may be bulbous, flat, or different shape. The body forms the main and often largest portion of the piece. Above the body is the shoulder, where the body curves inward. Then the neck, where the vase is given more height. Lastly, the lip, where the vase flares back out at the top. Many vases are also have handles.

So, my suggestion is to find a colorful vase to add to your decor that can stand alone or be filled with the flowers of your choice.

Decorating With A Yellow Color Scheme

Decorating With A Yellow Color Scheme

Have you been thinking of using yellow in your color scheme for decorating a room in the house? Many people love to use this sunny color in at least one room of the house and it is so versatile that it can be used in virtually any room of the home. People who are drawn to the color of yellow are usually known as people with sunny dispositions and their cheerfulness. Typically people whose favorite color is yellow are stimulating to talk to and very creative. They are known for being people who not only set goals but also are known for achieving those goals. It is no wonder because not only do we think of the sun when we see this color but it is also associated with the mind and intellect of humans. Did you know that it is the easiest color of the spectrum for our eyes to see? That is why it is used around pedestrian crossings and in warning signs on the roads.

When decorating our homes we can find a variety of fabrics, paints, wallpapers and accessories that are in shades of yellow. Some are very bright and bold and usually are closer to the orange section of the color wheel. On the other side are the yellows that have more blue in them. If we are going to use this color we just need to decide which hue we want, a blue tint or a red tint. After that it is how much or how little we want in the room. Yellow can be the main color used in a decorating scheme or it can be an accent color. Although it is not considered a neutral color, I can not honestly think of a color that it doesn’t work well with. Greens, blues, reds, purples and the obvious black or white. Yellow goes with them all.

Curtains With Yellow And Other Colors

Just as an example of the different colors that yellow looks well with, I found three samples of color combinations with this color and other colors.

Yellow and Blue CurtainYellow and Blue CurtainCheck Price

Yellow and Red CurtainYellow and Red CurtainCheck Price

Yellow and Pinks CurtainYellow and Pinks CurtainCheck Price

One thing to consider when decorating with yellow is that it can be overpowering for some individuals. It is considered a “fast color” or a color associated with rapid movement. That is probably because it is a color that our eyes react to quickly. That can be irritating to some personalities and make them feel unsettled while surrounded by it.

Pillows With Yellow

To give some other examples of color schemes with yellow, I picked some pillow samples to show how it looks in different combinations.

Green and Yellow GeometricGreen and Yellow GeometricCheck Price

Yellow With Orange PillowYellow With Orange PillowCheck Price

Turquoise, Pink and YellowTurquoise, Pink and YellowCheck Price


The room that you plan to use yellow in may determine what colors you want to either compliment it with or use it as a complimentary color. In a kitchen it works well with white, red, and blues. Turquoise, yellow and white make a fun and unique color combination in a kitchen. A bedroom might look striking in pinks and yellow, blues and yellows or grays and yellows.

Another consideration is the style of decor you want to use with the color. Will it be a formal and more traditional style room or will it be casual with touches of whimsy? Will it be a country style or more of an elegant room? If you make those decisions first it will be easier to decorate with the color yellow and decide what other colors to use with it. Have fun and make it homey to you and your family.

Using A Color Wheel For Decorating

Using A Color Wheel For Decorating

I thought that before this site gets much age on it that I should dedicate a post to the Color Wheel because the proper use of colors together makes all of the difference in whether a room feels “right” or feels “off” when we walk into it. When coordinating a decor of a room there really is a bit of a science to it all. It is not rocket science but there is a formula that works best no matter what colors you choose to use. Getting it correctly balanced will give you something to feel happy about and proud that you did on your own. Your room and its accessories will appear to have been done by a professional. So, lets look at the how and whys of colors that work together and colors that do not.

You probably remember learning in elementary school that there are three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. From those three simple colors we can combine two to get our greens, oranges and purples. So, all a color wheel does is provide a visual of the spectrum of the colors with the mixtures of the primary and secondary colors and how they relate to each other. Take the color green for instance. An equal amount of the use of yellow and blue gives us green. Add more blue to the mixture and we have a blue green color. Put more yellow in than blue and we have a yellowish green. Pretty simple, right.

The color wheel helps us see quickly the colors that are harmonious together. Blue on the wheel will have greens next to it on one side and purples next to it on the other side. If you wanted to see what colors would be complimentary to blue you would look at what is opposite the wedge of blue in the wheel which turns out to be oranges.  Harmonious colors will give you an elegant and tranquil feeling while complimentary colors give a sense of balance and even excitement.

It starts to get interesting once you begin to look at the hue and saturation of colors. At it’s purest a hue will be the equal mixture of two colors. Let’s use orange as an example. On the wheel the purest hue of  it will be equal parts of yellow and red causing the fullest in saturation of the two primary colors. To tone it down a bit a small amount of white could be added. The more white added lessens the saturation of the two primary colors giving a lighter shade of the original. Adding colors like white, black or gray creates the tone of the color. More black or gray will give it a darker tone while more white gives it a lighter tone.

Color has a temperature, too. Reds and oranges are associated with a warm feeling while blues create a cooler effect. That may be the first thing you should think about before choosing a color scheme for a room. How do you want it to feel? Cool or warm? From there you start to pick your colors.

Using A Color Wheel Eases The Stress

Color wheels can save you a lot of headaches and disappointments and the good news is that they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. A small investment that you will use over and over again when decorating a room, entire home or office. They can be basic or you can find really elaborate versions that have many colors. A simple choice that is less than $10 would be:

color wheel for interior design
Interior Design Color Wheel

There are certainly ones that are more elaborate but one that is simple and easy to use for the beginner works very well. Once you get the hang of it, you could choose a more expensive one with more hues given. It is much easier to play around with the wheel than to purchase paints and accessories only to find out that they did not go so well together. Less expensive in the long run, too.

Image Credit for the intro picture: Free image from Pixabay

Shades Of Grey For The Home

Shades Of Grey For The Home

Now let’s be clear that I am speaking about shades of grey that we can use in our decorating schemes and even though I might mention 50 shades of grey, I won’t be referring to the popular book that has nothing to do with interior decorating. Grey is one of those hot trends in decor this year and we can find it in paint colors for the walls, furniture, carpeting, bedding, linens and appliances. It can be used in virtually every room of the home including the nursery. It can be found in virtually any style of decor from country to urban designs.

Grey is one of those neutral colors that can be used with a variety of other colors to sometimes tone down bright colors or act subtly with softer colors. Although some might look at this color and think of gloominess or sadness, I do not exactly agree. Using grey in a room can also give the feeling of sophistication, practicality and dignity. I think a lot of it has to do with which colors you choose to use with the grey and maybe how much of it you use.

shades of grey sofa
Studio Home by Ty Pennington Sasha Sofa

Notice how it can be used in a living room or family room in the color of the sofa. Working with the taupe and greyish shades of brown it has a calm and quiet appeal. Of course you could take this same sofa and use yellows and white as the accent instead of the earthier tones. Navy blue or other shades of blue with touches of yellow would give it an entirely different look and feel. Mauves and pinks also work well with the color gray. For a bolder look you could use darker shades like charcoal with a splash of red mixed in for a more exciting scheme of color that makes you think of an urban style.

You might not want your furniture to be grey, although when you think about it the sofa can last for several years and changing the colors of the accessories once in a while can revive a room for a lot less money. My point is that if you are wanting to use this neutral conservative color in another way you can paint the walls using it. One option would be to paint the walls in a medium tone and then the woodwork with a white paint that has just a hint of gray.  Very light grey walls with white woodwork works too.

Of course you can incorporate the color into the scheme with fabrics in pillows, rugs, and other accessories if you only want just a touch of it throughout the room. In a kitchen you might decide that the appliances will be gray and then add bolder colors to the rest of the decor.

I once had a bathroom that had the prettiest buttery yellow tiles on the walls. At the time, money was tight and I could not afford to remove the tiles and I honestly did not want to. I liked the color but struggled for a while as to what I could do differently as far as decorating that bath. Some suggested that I go with brown and yellow but I am sorry brown in a bathroom just makes me go “ewwww!”. I decided I wanted gray and yellow in that bath. At time my entire house was decorated in a country theme. I had a very hard time finding country wallpaper to liven up the walls in that color combination but I finally did. That bathroom was the most cheerful room when I was done with it!

Shades of Grey For Baby

Remember I said you can even use it in a nursery? Here is only one example of the bedding that you can use with shades of  grey in a baby room. You can find them using turquoise, pinks and other colors, I just particularly like this example using yellow and gray together.

grey nursery bedding
Migi Sweet Sunshine 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set by Bananafish

Because it is such a trendy color right now you will have a much easier time finding paints, wallpapers, furniture  and accessories to decorate with the color grey in your home. Use it a little or use it a lot and feel comfortable with your choices.

The wonderful abstract design in the featured image is courtesy of Pixabay.