Mothers Day Gift Ideas For The Gardening Mom

Mothers Day Gift Ideas For The Gardening Mom

Are you looking for some gift ideas for Mothers Day to give to your Mom who loves to garden? When my girls were little, they would give me little plants that they bought at a fundraiser at their schools. They were some of my most favored gifts. It was fun to see what plant they picked and the love that came with each one just touched my heart so much! They knew how much Mommy loved her flowers and my husband said they really took their time picking out just the right one to give me. Sweet, sweet memories!

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I am here to tell you that it does not matter whether you have no money for a gift or you can spend $50 or more for her gift, she is going to love whatever you give her. So let’s address the no money, first. You can take some simple paper and crayons or markers and make a card for her. Draw some flowers or plants on it and she will treasure it forever! Another inexpensive gift idea is to give her a packet of seeds that she can plant.

If you have less than $50 to spend, consider a hanging basket that you can find at a local garden store. An even better idea is to let Mom go with you to pick it out. She will love the time spent with you along with the basket!

bird bath

A fun idea for a gift for Mom on Mothers Day is a Birdbath. (paid link) She can place it in her garden and enjoy watching the birds visit her yard and appreciate the plants that she has provided them to dine on and perch on. There are so many styles to choose from so you should be able to find something that you know that your Mom will love to place in her garden. Each time she sees a bird land in the bath, she will think of you. There are birdbaths available for as little as $25 or you can spend more if your budget allows.

If Mom has a smartphone or tablet that she uses regularly, give her a gift card to purchase an app. There are some really cool garden apps available. She might also be able to use the card to purchase an e-book to download, also. Speaking of books, spring is a time that many new books on gardening are published so you could buy her a hard copy of a new book for her to read.

One of the best gifts to give Mom is one of your time. I’m serious! Maybe you do not have much money to spend for a gift this year. So, give Mom some time in her garden for her Mothers Day gift this year. You will be personal assistant by doing some tasks for her. I’m sure that she will have some ideas on how you can help. Be prepared to get your hands a little dirty and help Mom in her garden. She will love the time spent with you and she will really appreciate the help. She will get some chores done but the best gift of all is the memory that you have created of the time you spent together. I am a firm believer that the memories that we create with each other are the best gifts of all.

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