Easy Autumn Decorating Ideas

Easy Autumn Decorating Ideas

I like to do a little something to the house to decorate for Fall that doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween. I don’t spend a lot of time or money on going all out because most of October has the Halloween decorations out and then around Thanksgiving I start putting out the Christmas decorations. So, I like to have something for that in-between time to make the house look festive.

I’ve found that one of the easiest ways is to have a wreath on the front door that has some pretty fall colors that dresses up the entrance. I place a planter of autumn colored silk flowers in a few places in the house and that is about it. Because I spend so much energy on the October and December holiday decorating, I like to give myself a little break for the short time that I do Fall decorating.

This year, I decided that the ones that I have been using are about spent. They are starting to look a little faded, especially the wreath for the door. So, I’m getting something new. I love my flower beds and so when I find something that has autumn colors and flowers, I am one happy little camper.

Autumn Door WreathAutumn Door Wreath

Silk Flowers In Fall ColorsSilk Flowers In Fall Colors

These are relatively inexpensive when I figure that I will probably use them for somewhere around 3 to 5 years. When I amortize it out over at least 3 years then the set only costs me less than $40 a year to use. That isn’t too awfully bad and it allows me to have something pretty in the house that looks warm, welcoming and delightful during the fall season.

See, it can be as easy as this to do autumn decorating in your home, too. If you are just starting out, get one or two items that you can use for a few years and then each year, add to them if you like. It does not take much to change a room from “just there” to warm and friendly with a touch of a seasonal decoration.