St. Patrick’s Day Sun Catchers

St. Patrick’s Day Sun Catchers

St. Patrick's Day Sun Catchers

If you’d like to add a little luck of the Irish to your home to help celebrate this coming St. Patrick’s Day, why not display an attractive sun catcher? St. Patrick’s Day sun catchers will bring the rays of the sun into your home, making it appear cheerful and bright. Whether you’re Irish or not, we could all use something that adds a special touch of charm to our home. All of these lovely St. Patrick’s Day sun catchers are available from Amazon.

Shamrock Garden Sun Catcher with Pressed Flowers

This lovely sun catcher features a clear glass Irish shamrock shape with real pressed flowers, greenery, and shamrocks inside. Shamrock rim is silver and hangs from a silver colored chain. The pressed flowers can be found on each side leaf of the shamrock, with the actual shamrocks and the phrase “Bless The Irish” being found on the top leaf. The item measures four and one half inches by three and one half inches. The perfect way to bring some light and Irish charm into any room. Simply hang in front of any window and enjoy.

Irish Angel Sun Catcher Wind Chime

We could all use an angel watching over us at St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year. This little angel is silver and features green stained glass. She is holding a white shamrock in her hands. Below her, small metal chimes hang, making a soft chiming sound when moving in the breeze. A green, stained glass shamrock hangs from the bottom of the longest chime. This sun catcher measures ten inches long from the top of the angel to the bottom of the shamrock. May be used either indoors or outdoors. Perfect way to brighten up your home and add a festive touch.

Oval Sun Catcher with St. Patrick’s Day Angel Design And Inscription

This beautiful sun catcher will not only brighten up your home, but your mood as well. Oval-shaped design features hand-painted glass. A beautiful angel with golden hair wears a wreath of shamrocks, catching falling shamrocks in her long, white, flowing gown. The sun catcher has a decorative, detailed border done in green and white, with shamrocks and other designs. Below the angel, there is an inscription that reads “May you be blessed always, with a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to lift you, a sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you”. Includes a silver chain for hanging, and comes in a box, perfect for gift giving!

Celtic Leaves Circle Sun Catcher

This lovely sun catcher features hand-painted glass and is circular in shape. This item measures four and one half inches tall and wide. It has a silver rim, with a large, bright green shamrock in the middle of the circle. A pretty border circles the center shamrock, featuring four yellow and white designs, with small green shamrocks on each end. A perfect item to bring the sun inside your home and show your pride in your Celtic heritage. Even non-Irish people will love to brighten their homes for St. Patrick’s Day with this pretty hand painted piece. Includes a silver colored chain for easy hanging, and comes in a sturdy gift box, making it perfect for giving as a gift.