Owl Prints

Most people are fascinated with owls whether they are a bird watcher or not. They really are a pretty cool bird and I can see the attraction for a lot of different reasons. This page is dedicated to showing you prints of owls from North America that you can purchase from a few different places on the internet. Enjoy your visit and if there is an owl that I have missed and you would like to see it here, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to get it for you.

The Barn Owl

Barn Owl (Tyto Alba), on Dry Stone Wall with Hawthorn Berries in Late Summer, Captive, England
Barn Owl In Late Summer

Steve and Ann Toon Photographic Print at Allposters.com

One of my favorite owls with its distinct face that is shaped like a heart. Beautiful coloring of white, gray and shades of brown. The barn owl is found on every continent of the world except Antarctica. Oddly they are not found in Australia, either. Nocturnal in its activities, it hunts for small mammals like voles, mice, rats, moles and shrews. They will also eat bats, frogs and insects.

Barred Owl

Barred Owl (Strix Varia) Hunting for Prey, Ontario, Canada
Barred Owl Hunting

Glenn Bartley Photographic Print at Allposters.com

Found mostly in North America the barred owl is also sometimes referred to as the hoot owl. We can usually hear them both during the day and at night. If you watch the skies closely you might see them hunting just before dark. It is one of the 4 species of owls that have dark eyes and eats small mammals along with fish and insects like grasshoppers and crickets. They will sometimes catch a snake for their dining pleasure, too.

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl (Athene Cunicularia) Outside of the Burrow
Burrowing Owl

John Cornell Photograph at Allposters.com

This small owl is called the Burrowing Owl because it actually lives on the ground in burrows that have been abandoned by different types of mammals. In North America it is mostly found in the regions west of the Mississippi Valley along with Florida. It is active during the day or the early evening and can often be seen sitting on a stump or mound of dirt on one foot watching for any prey it might find.

Elf Owl

Elf Owl, (Micrathene Whitneyi) Tortalita Mtns, Tucson, Arizona, USA, Captive
Elf Owl in Arizona

Rick and Nora Photographic Print at Allposters.com

You will have to travel to the southwestern part of the United States to see this very small owl. It lives in arid desert areas that has a lot of cactus. In fact, it builds its nest in woodpecker cavities in cacti and deciduous trees. Their diet consists of mostly insects that they will catch and take back to a branch to eat.

I’ll be adding more owl photographic prints in the near future so come back again sometime soon  for additional selections.

Wall Decor With Birds

I think that it is just wonderful that we have some options to add some bird decor to our walls and it is not just a picture to hang. Of course I don’t have a problem with pictures and actually have a few but there are other options to add our winged friends to a wall besides a print, picture or piece of art. One can find some wallpapers that have birds on them or we can go with a much simpler process by choose the wall decals to place on a wall. They are so much easier than hanging wallpaper and can add a dramatic touch to any wall. The image below is only one example of the many ways that you can use a wall decal to add birds to your room.

bird wall decal
WallStickersUSA Contemporary Wall Sticker Decal, Tree Branches, Leaves, Lovebirds, and Hearts
(paid link)

Wall Hangings Add Depth And Interest To A Wall

There are so many options to go with in a wall hanging when it comes to incorporating birds into the decorating theme. I like the metal ones, personally because if I decide I don’t want it in one room anymore, they can usually be moved to a different room and will still look just fine. What I like about the one below is that the wall hanging also adds the light element to the design by having cups where we can add some candles to it. In the evening when the candles are lit, the birds may give the illusion of moving!

metal bird wall hanging
(paid link)

Birds Can Work For You On A Wall

Those little feathered friends do not have to just sit there and look pretty on your wall. Oh no, you can actually have something functional hanging on the wall with a bird theme. Do you have a mud room or a room where you like to keep a jacket, sweater or tools hanging so that they are readily available? Well, how about a set of hooks hanging that show birds in some form or another? I particularly like the one below! I could hang it near the door to my sun room because that is the door that I exit to go out and feed the birds and tend to my garden. Having a jacket to slip on hanging there would be mighty convenient on a cool day.

bird wall hooks
Metal Twig and Bird Wall Hooks
(paid link)

Other ideas for wall decor with birds would be hanging a pretty throw blanket on the wall that has a bird scene in it like it was a tapestry or you could get an actual tapestry, too. A lovely quilt that has a bird design is another option. The fun thing is that we can find new stuff but do not rule out going to thrift shops, antique malls and flea markets to find bird wall decor. There was a time when birds were a very popular way to decorate so you can find some pretty cool stuff that may be old but still useful. If it is in a medium that can be painted like wood or metal, I wouldn’t worry too much if it is the wrong color. Buy it cheap enough and you can paint it the color you want.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Bookends With Birds

Whether you are an avid reader of all kinds of books or just want to keep your birding books together, a fun way to do it and show your passion for birds is to have at least one pair of bird bookends in the house. There are so many wonderful and I do mean wonderful options for doing this very thing! We can choose a non-descript bird or we can get pretty darned specific in our favorite species of bird if we want. I have been shopping around because I have decided that I do want at least one set of bookends that depict birds in some way. I will keep all of my bird books together being held in place with the pair. But, I may have to get more than one because I do have a lot of books sitting around that could be organized and displayed in a really creative way. Let me show you some of the ones that I am considering getting for myself.

I like this pair of birds to hold my books together because for one thing they are made of iron so they should be able to prop up the weightier books that I have. My field guide of birds is pretty thick and needs something with some sustenance to it to keep it up right. I also like the verdi finish to them because it will go well in my sun room where I do a lot of my bird watching.

iron bird bookends
Iron Birds On Branch Bookends
(paid link)

What I like about this next pair of bird bookends is that they are perfect for taller books, especially if they happen to be paperback books. You know how sometimes a tall paperback will start to lean and warp just a little from not having enough support? I hate that! Well, this pair of bookends would do nicely for those taller books on our shelves. They stand 7 inches tall  which will do nicely with my Birds Of North America field guide. That book is 8 1/2 inches tall so the 7 inches will accommodate it quite nicely.  The book also weighs a little over 3 pounds so it needs something substantial to hold it up. Of course I’ll have other books about birds sitting with the guide so this one does look like it will do the job.  Cute little songbirds sit on a branch and keep our books in order.

bronze bird bookends
Bird on Branch Bronze Bookends Set
(paid link)

Remember how I mentioned earlier that we could get specific on the species of birds that will hold up our books? I found some that are owls, sparrows and other birds but the ones that really caught my attention were the ones in this set of bookends, little finches. I get such a kick out of the little house finches that visit my feeders and I just adore the goldfinches when they come around. I think these would look awesome on a bookshelf but they would also look really nice on a desk or table in any room. This pair is taller than it looks standing about 6 1/4 inches tall so they will work with taller books as well as the shorter books that we have about our winged friends.

finch bookends
Branch Resting Finch Bookends
(paid link)

I could go on forever with samples of Bird Bookends (paid link) but I think you are getting the general idea of what is available although I haven’t even pecked a decent whole in the tree for the different options. I am really torn between the tall pair and the little finches as the first pair I will purchase. Which pair of bird bookends did you like the best?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dinnerware With Birds

Our human feeding stations otherwise known as the kitchen or dining room table can be adorned with birds on our plates and dinnerware. There are some really pretty designs to grace our tables along with some that are whimsical and fun. I am sure you will find one that fits your color scheme or may inspire you to change the colors in your kitchen or dining room to suit the new plates that you chose.

Lenox Fine China With Birds

What a pretty set! You get a place setting for 1 person which includes a dinner plate, a luncheon or salad plate, a bowl and a cup. That bold teal really accents the pretty watercolor birds and splashes of red and pink. It is made of fine bone china and will work in your dishwasher and microwave.

lenox chirp dinnerware
Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Dinnerware

Winter Cardinal Set Of Dinnerware

Oh, I just love the shape of the dishes in this set for the table! That tall mug is pretty cool, too! A rather minimalist design with black trees and branches showing a single red cardinal perched on a branch. The set includes a service for 4 people with a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug for a total of 16 pieces. Wouldn’t this look amazing on a red tablecloth?

winter cardinal dinnerware
Winter Cardinal Square Dinnerware Set

Wild Wings Table Set In Melamine

This is almost like a trip down memory lane! Back when I was a girl dishes were introduced that were not made of china or stoneware. They were called Melmac back then. Well, we have a new improved version out today that is called melamine. Yep, you guessed it…they offer a set with birds! Pretty songbirds that are so very colorful! Your set will include a dinner plate, tumblers and a bowl. Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

melamine bird dishes
Wild Wings Tableware Set – Songbird Series

This is just a small sampling of the dinnerware sets that can adorn our tables with our little winged friends being the focal point of the dishes. Rather than fill up a page with a bunch of links to different types of dishes I’ll just end this post with a link that will show you all the dishes and dinnerware sets that are available right now. Bird Dinnerware can be found in fine china, porcelain, stoneware, melamine and even paper. There are even fun sets for the holidays with birds all perched in festive or winter scenes.

Have fun and let me know what your favorite design is.

Using Quilts To Decorate Your Home

When decorating our homes or redecorating a room, we often forget just how charming and warm the addition of a quilt to the decor can make. Quilts are not just for the bedroom anymore. Sure, they are divine in a bedroom and you can find a quilt that is romantic, whimsical, or contemporary in design for your bed. What about the other rooms of the house? Can you use a quilt in your dining room or family room? The answer is yes!

A perfect example for use in any room of the house is the Greenland Home Blooming Prairie Quilt that can be draped over a chair giving the room warmth and charm. It does not have to be relegated to your bedroom but can be in any room you desire.  This example would be wonderful for a room that is being decorated in the Granny Chic look but there are throws that fit other decorating trends, too.

patchwork quilt

I love quilts, especially the antique and vintage ones. It has been a passion of mine since I was a very little girl. I love to look at the old quilts and imagine what the woman was like who spent hours piecing the quilt together with fabric scraps and then meticulously quilting a design into the overall pattern of the quilt. You can purchase an old quilt from antique shops or online at auction sites and incorporate them into your decorating scheme.

I used to work in the Antiques Industry and often times people would bring old quilts in that were in relatively bad condition. They no longer could be considered as a great find for the collector of quilts but they do have some redeeming value. We call them “cutter” quilts and they are perfect for crafts and re-purposing. Typically these quilts have areas in them that are not completely ruined. You can use these cutter quilts to make pillows, perhaps a throw, or a small tablecloth for a kitchen table.  It just depends on how much of an area the quilt has to work with.  A Decorative Throw Pillow can also be purchased in a design that works in the room you are decorating.

A more subtle way to use quilts in your decor is to have pictures of quilts in the room. Perfect for the kitchen, dining room, or any room that you want to incorporate the homey feel of quilts. Those cutter quilts that I mentioned above can also be cut to a size that you want to frame and used as a picture, too.

An antique or vintage quilt can also be hung on the wall to make a dramatic statement. Use your imagine and find ways of using quilts, new or old, to decorate any room of your home.

Clocks With Birds

Many of the birds who visit my backyard are so regular in when they come to feed that I could almost set a clock to their arrival. So, that got me to thinking that a clock with a bird theme might be fun to have in the kitchen. I’ve been looking around and have found both some fun designs of bird clocks along with some that have a more traditional style to them. I just have to decide if I want to go with a little whimsy or not.

I’m guessing you have been looking for a bird clock, too and that is how you ended up on this page. So, I am going to share some of my favorite clocks with a bird theme to them to make your shopping a little easier.

Hear Birds Sing When The Time Changes

Actually, my Mom had this clock in her kitchen and that is why I decided to put it on this page because I have actually seen and heard it in action. It is pretty cool. As time comes around to another hour, you hear a different songbird of North America chirping the time (so to speak). What I like about this particular model is that it has a sensor in it so that if the room is dark the birds go silent. That way it won’t wake you up during the night.

audubon bird clock
Audubon Singing Bird Clock – 13 Inch Green

Wall Clocks With Quiet Birds In Black And White

You may not want birds chirping and singing the time out to you but would rather just have one that has birds represented on it. A few fun examples that will work in just about any room in your home or office would be the ones below.

Perched Birds ClockPerched Birds Clock

Retro Bird DesignRetro Bird Design

Early Bird ClockEarly Bird Clock

Can’t Forget The Cuckoo Clock!

There was a time when the Cuckoo Clocks all looked like they were made in the Black Forest of Germany and we can certainly still find both old and new ones with that type of styling. There are also some fun designs that have the “cuckoo” bird but are more contemporary in design. Here is a small sample of them for you to consider. I particularly like the one that has a cardinal as the cuckoo.

Old World Style Cuckoo ClockOld World Style Cuckoo Clock

Cardinal Cuckoo ClockCardinal Cuckoo Clock

Cottage Style Cuckoo ClockCottage Style Cuckoo Clock


Desk Clocks With Birds

Maybe you do not want a wall clock but would rather have one that you can sit on a desk, table, shelf or mantel. Well, there are a few options for those, too.

Shabby Chic Bird ClockShabby Chic Bird Clock

Bird Table ClockBird Table Clock

Bird And Floral DesignBird And Floral Design

I haven’t even made a scratch on the bark for all of the styles that are available when it comes to choosing a bird clock for a part of our home and office decor. But, I hope I gave you some fun options to consider. One of these clocks for bird lovers may fit in your home or you could certainly consider one for a friend or family member on your gift list who loves birds. One would also be a great housewarming gift or even a wedding gift.

Quoizel Utopia Pendant Light Review

Quoizel pendant lighting in the Utopia collection is a great choice if you are looking to change the light fixtures in your home as part of your home improvement this year.  This arts and crafts design with the leaf cutouts in the metal overlay have a contemporary touch with a retro look. The overlay is done in mystic black over a cream silk drum shade.

quoizel pendant light

The Quoizel Utopia Pendant Light shown here is perfect for any room in your home including the dining room, foyer, or kitchen.  This three light version will take up to 60 watt bulbs and includes two 6 inch down rods plus two 12 inch rods allowing great flexibility in the hanging height of your light fixture.

Pendant lights are fixtures that can stand alone or be grouped in sets. They are suspended from the ceiling with a chord, metal rod, or chain. Sometimes referred to as a drop light or a suspender light they make for an interesting choice in home lighting whether you have one light or multiples. Often times pendant lights are hung over counter tops in the kitchen in straight or uneven lines. Pendant lights are versatile and can also be used over the dining table or in a bathroom.

The Utopia collection of lighting by Quoizel offers nine lighting options:

  • mini pendant
  • flush mount
  • semi-flush mount
  • pendant with 2 lights
  • pendant with 3 lights (shown on this page)
  • island chandelier with 4 lights
  • chandelier with 9 lights
  • desk lamp
  • floor lamp

Quoizel is a trusted name in home lighting who create timeless fixtures that balance form and function. The company was founded in 1930 in New York as a small business that has grown to be the leading manufacturer of fine decorative lighting and home accessories. Quoizel is still a family owned company who has never lost sight of their small business heritage.

Updating your light fixtures is an investment that you can enjoy for years to come and can be done as a do it yourself home improvement project. You should have a working knowledge of the basics of electricity before attempting to change the light fixtures in your home, however.  When you remove the existing light fixtures the wires will be colored with a black wire, red wire, and white wire. As long as connect the wires (color to color) you should be fine. The safe way to approach any electrical job is to turn the breaker in your electrical panel to the off position. This prevents any danger of electrical shock from occurring while you switch out the fixtures.

Wouldn’t these pendant lights by Quoizel in the Utopia collection look fantastic in a mid-century modern decor? Modern light fixtures with a truly retro look. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Decorate With Red White And Blue

Decorate With Red White And Blue

Your Home Can Look Patriotic All Year Long

patriotic decorating

Here in the United States we have several holidays that make us want to decorate in a Patriotic theme but sometimes we just like to show our patriotism in an over all red, white and blue decor. I guess in a way we can have the patriotic look as a sub-category of a main theme like Country, Rustic or even Western. Those three colors work well with any theme we choose to use.

Choosing Tables

It isn’t often that we see tables in red or blue so selecting tables for the room could be where some of the white comes in to play. Something like this cute little end table for instance:

Cottage End Table Finish: Classic White

You can add other white items in accessories but white tables will help to anchor your white part of red, white and blue decor.

Furniture For Seating

I think it is fun to mix up the seating. So, one way to go would be to get a sofa and loveseat in blue like the set that I am showing below and then get a side chair in red.

Brileigh Living Room Collection

Add red to the mix with a comfortable chair:

Aurora Arm Chair Color: Rustic Red

See, we already have the red, white and blue going on just in the furniture. White tables next to blue sofa and loveseat and a red chair. How fun is that?

Now, you can have fun with the accessories for the room. Add some red and white throw pillows on the sofa or a red or white blanket. There are so many things that have a patriotic look that can be added to the room. They can be classic in design or whimsical, it is up to you and your personality on those choices. Just start with the basics in fabrics for your seating and a color for your tables and then pull all of it together with the fun extras.

This post is a part of the Patriotic Blog Hop in a group that I belong to on Facebook: Pinterest Party. We love to network with each other and would love for you to join us there.

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Have fun with your patriotic themes whether they be for year round or just for holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, Flag Day or Labor Day. Be proud of that red, white and blue!