Using Quilts To Decorate Your Home

When decorating our homes or redecorating a room, we often forget just how charming and warm the addition of a quilt to the decor can make. Quilts are not just for the bedroom anymore. Sure, they are divine in a bedroom and you can find a quilt that is romantic, whimsical, or contemporary in design for your bed. What about the other rooms of the house? Can you use a quilt in your dining room or family room? The answer is yes!

A perfect example for use in any room of the house is the Greenland Home Blooming Prairie Quilt that can be draped over a chair giving the room warmth and charm. It does not have to be relegated to your bedroom but can be in any room you desire.  This example would be wonderful for a room that is being decorated in the Granny Chic look but there are throws that fit other decorating trends, too.

patchwork quilt

I love quilts, especially the antique and vintage ones. It has been a passion of mine since I was a very little girl. I love to look at the old quilts and imagine what the woman was like who spent hours piecing the quilt together with fabric scraps and then meticulously quilting a design into the overall pattern of the quilt. You can purchase an old quilt from antique shops or online at auction sites and incorporate them into your decorating scheme.

I used to work in the Antiques Industry and often times people would bring old quilts in that were in relatively bad condition. They no longer could be considered as a great find for the collector of quilts but they do have some redeeming value. We call them “cutter” quilts and they are perfect for crafts and re-purposing. Typically these quilts have areas in them that are not completely ruined. You can use these cutter quilts to make pillows, perhaps a throw, or a small tablecloth for a kitchen table.  It just depends on how much of an area the quilt has to work with.  A Decorative Throw Pillow can also be purchased in a design that works in the room you are decorating.

A more subtle way to use quilts in your decor is to have pictures of quilts in the room. Perfect for the kitchen, dining room, or any room that you want to incorporate the homey feel of quilts. Those cutter quilts that I mentioned above can also be cut to a size that you want to frame and used as a picture, too.

An antique or vintage quilt can also be hung on the wall to make a dramatic statement. Use your imagine and find ways of using quilts, new or old, to decorate any room of your home.