Kitchen Clocks

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There are so many fun clocks to have in the kitchen! Clocks following certain themes, clocks in specific colors and so much more. So, let’s get started with some ideas for a clock in your kitchen.

Utensil Clocks

Fun and a little funky and perfect for a kitchen.

Counter ClockCounter ClockCheck Availability

Baking UtensilsBaking UtensilsCheck Availability

Spoons and ForksSpoons and ForksCheck Availability

Silverware ClockSilverware ClockCheck Availability

Kitchen Utensils ClockKitchen Utensils ClockCheck Availability

Utensil ArtUtensil ArtCheck Availability

Pan Clocks

Shaped like a pan we would cook in…

Frying PanFrying PanCheck Availability

Omelet ClockOmelet ClockCheck Availability

Red PanRed PanCheck Availability

Rustic PanRustic PanCheck Availability

Retro Clocks

If vintage and retro is the way you decorate one of these clocks might be just the thing to hang on your kitchen wall. Most of them come in a range of colors so these are just a sampling of what is available.

Red Square Wall ClockRed Square Wall ClockCheck Availability

Round ClockRound ClockCheck Availability

Looks Like A TimerLooks Like A TimerCheck Availability

Cook CatCook CatCheck Availability

For kitchen clocks that follow a specific theme like coffee, wine and chefs please see the specific page for ideas.

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Beverly Owens

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