Steam Punk Clocks

If you are following this site at all, you will know that a couple of days ago (or maybe longer), I did a post about helping a friend decorate his home office in a Steampunk Style. As he and I began to look for pieces to add to the general theme, he mentioned that he would like to have a cool clock in the office that had that steam punk look. He could not decide whether he wanted one for the wall or to place on a desk, table or shelf so I began to search for ones that he could consider for his newly redone office space at home. I decided that one of the easiest ways for him to look at some of his options was to build a page here for him to view. The bonus is that it is now here for you if you are also looking for this style of clock to place in a room of your home.

Wall Clocks With A Steampunk Style

Perfect for a wall and fits that whole powered by steam and gears look that we love so much. This is the sampling of choices that I found for my friend to consider for a wall in his office space. There certainly are others but this is a nice sampling.

Rusty Gears Wall ClockRusty Gears Wall ClockGet It Now

Wheels of Time?Wheels of Time?Get It Now

Steam Train ClockSteam Train ClockGet It Now

Steam Punk Desk Or Table Clocks

Since my friend was not sure whether he wanted a clock for the wall or one that would sit conveniently on a shelf, desk or table. I also looked at some options that would fit in his room. Sometimes when you are shopping this type of clock may be called a mantel or a table top clock.

Steampunk Table ClockSteampunk Table ClockGet It Now

Steam Train Desk ClockSteam Train Desk ClockGet It Now

Flying Machine ClockFlying Machine ClockGet It Now


Wanting Something Different In A Clock

Actually I was a tad disappointed in the options for the table sitting clocks available right now and I think my friend will be, also. I think my suggestion for the room that we are doing will be to have one for the wall because I can also use some of his wonderful collectible pieces that he has acquired over the years to make a nice display on his larger wall. I’ll incorporate the clock in with other pieces and it should look pretty darned cool.

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