Purple Girl Nursery Options To Consider

Purple Girl Nursery Options To Consider

Purple has become a very popular color to use in a little girl’s nursery. Since we usually think of our precious little bundles of female joy as our own little princesses, a purple girl nursery does seem like an appropriate color to use because it is often thought of as the color of royalty. It is also believed to increase the nurturing tendencies and sensitivity which are qualities that we would like to see any our little girls. Shades of purple occur so rarely in nature that it is also thought to be connected with a sacred nature. Lilacs, orchids, lavender and violets in flowers are so often thought of as special and precious just as we think of our little girls. Shades of purple can give an uplifting  feeling to anyone in the room. So, let’s look at some options for purple in the baby room. Want to?

Fun Dots For A Purple Girl Nursery

purple girl nursery
Mod Dots Purple Collection 9pc Crib Bedding Set

This is such a fun little set that uses shades of purple and browns in an almost vintage kind of look for the baby room. It is cheerful, fun and a little funky but not too babyish. The set is economical to purchase and gives you quite a nice bang for your buck. You can also get additional items that coordinate nicely with the bedding set for the rest of the room.

Lavender Butterflies For Baby

lavendar crib bedding
Boutique Brand New GEENNY Lavender Butterfly 13PCS Baby Nursery CRIB BEDDING SET

This little set is just so cute! I love the butterfly theme and the use of lavender and other shades of purple. The other thing that attracts me to this set is that the patterns are not printed on the fabric but are sewn on with applique and embroidery giving it a nice almost homemade look.

purple butterfly bedding
Pink and Purple Butterfly Flower Collection Baby Girl Bedding 9pc Crib Set

Another version that has the added appeal of using pink and purple together. Each set offers coordinating pieces to add to your nursery creating a finished look to the room.

I just love the idea of decorating a little girl’s nursery in purple or shades of purple! It is sweet, it is feminine and it is slightly different than the traditional styles that are so often used in a nursery. I am only showing you just a few of the choices, too. To see more ideas, themes, and patterns take a look at these: Purple Girl Nursery Bedding Ideas

What do you do with the walls?

My suggestion is to keep walls light. Take one of the colors from the pattern that you chose for the bedding and have a pale shade of it mixed at the paint store. For a baby’s room, I also suggest that you choose a paint that is easily washable with a damp sponge. Your woodwork can be done in white or a complimentary color in a pale shade or maybe even a slightly darker shade than the walls.

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  1. We decorated our teenage daughter’s room in purple and green. The walls are green, trim, curtains and bedding are purple. It looks really good. Sending you a picture.

  2. One of my teen girls has a light purple bedroom, but I certainly would not associate her with royalty 🙂

    • You made me giggle! I remember when my girls were teens, I sometimes did not think of them as a princess either.

  3. My room was lavender when I was a teen. I have to admit that I felt like a princess!

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