Cowboy Boots Bathroom

Cowboy Boots Bathroom

cowboy boots decor

As a kid many of the shows that were regular viewing in our home were the old westerns so I think that may be one reason that I have always had this “thing” about a cowboy. I know I am not alone in this as western stuff in general is gaining in popularity. So, today I thought it might be fun to look at some ideas for decorating a cowboy boot bathroom. One with this theme would look great in a rustic home, log cabin or lodge decor. Heck, I think it would be gall darned cool in any house, but that is just me.

I saw this the other day when I was actually shopping for something else and I just think it is perfect for a bathroom decorated with a cowboy boot theme. I do love my own cowboy boots so it is no wonder this caught my eye.

cowboy boots shower curtain
Western Cowboy Boots Shower Curtain

Starting with the shower curtain as our guide, we could have so much fun with the rest of the bathroom! Now if you are thinkin’ that it would be hard to find other cowboy boot decor items, you would be headin’ in the wrong direction because there are some fun ones. No kiddin’! Take a look at these:

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Cowboy Soap DispenserCowboy Soap DispenserCheck Availability


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See, I wasn’t joshin’ ya one bit there are some fun ideas using boots as the main theme! Now, if I were going to change my bathroom over to this design (and trust me I am tempted!), I think I might want to pick one of the colors of the boots for the wall paint. My inclination would be the pale almost ivory colored yellow in the boots with the red tops. I love wainscoting and in a bath using western boots, I think that would look pretty good. So, I would put some on the lower portion of the walls. I think it would look good if it was higher than the standard 36 inches and would like it better at 48 inches tall. I would paint the top part that ivory yellow color and have the paneling painted white. Something like this:


Of course you would not have to use the paneling but it does give a more old west kind of look to the room. For floors, I think a dark brown tile would look great. I am not a fan of having carpeting in a bathroom because I always worry about the possibility of mold growing in the fibers due to the damp atmosphere from showering every day. I would go with a ceramic tile if the budget allows or the vinyl tiles that you can install yourself would look just as good and be much cheaper.

Add some towels in the colors of the boots and you have a fun and unique bathroom to enjoy. So what do you think? Is this a bathroom idea that makes you want to put your dancin’ boots on for?

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free Image

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