Halloween In The Bathroom

Halloween In The Bathroom

Have you thought about the things you want to use in the house for decorating for Halloween? Don’t forget the bathroom for those decorations. Think that might be hard to do? I am here to tell you that it is not hard at all. There some fun things that can be used in any bathroom to show your love for this October holiday!

Halloween bathroom decor

You can go cute and not scary

There is not much very scary about Jack O’ Lanterns at Halloween. Well not as frightening as ghosts, goblins and skeletons that is for sure. If you just want something decorative that will liven up the “throne room” then some cute little pumpkins will work just fine. See how easy it is to transform the bathroom into a cute little Halloween Haven?

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It Could Be A Blood Bath!

I just could not resist this line of decorations for a Halloween Bathroom! They actually made me chuckle when I thought of the term a real blood bath! Kind of makes ya think of that old scary movie Psycho doesn’t it? They really are kind of fun, I think. There is even a shower gel that looks like a intravenous bag with blood colored soap! Even if you didn’t use the gel and just had it hanging in the shower it would be a fun decoration! I saw a hand towel set, too. It has a bloody hand print on it.

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A few other ideas for a Halloween Bathroom

I am not going to bore you with a bunch of links to products but I think with the ones that I have given you can get a general idea of some fun things to decorate the bathroom with. You can go spooky or not so spooky, it is your choice. I did see some fun Toilet Tattoos (decals for the toilet seat) that had a Halloween theme. Some fun toilet brush holders and soap dispensers with the holiday decor in mind. There are even some covers that you can put on the door that have a Halloween theme: a skeleton sitting on the “throne”, a pirate doing the same thing and a few other funny ones. I think the main thing is to decide on a theme and then work around it adding items that you can purchase, use and then pack away for next year. And then create some of your own items that will go with your theme. Start keeping your eyes peeled for this type of thing because even though I am writing this post in August the stores are starting to put the decorations out for the October holiday that has become almost as popular to decorate for as Christmas is.

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