Granny Chic Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Granny Chic Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Are you looking for some Granny Chic decorating ideas for your bedroom? One easy place to start is with the focal point of every bedroom, the bed. Dressing your bed with a quilt that has the look of a vintage quilt with the ease and care of a new one is an option you might consider.  The quilt can help you develop your color scheme for painting walls, accessories, and give you the overall look and feel that you want for a vintage chic look.

I suggest picking a floral quilt like the Laura Ashley Quilt featured in the picture. All by itself it creates the Granny Chic mood in your decor that you are looking for with the romantic and nostalgic flower theme in dark and pink roses. An old look with contemporary colors to work with.  Dress it up with a throw pillow or two.  A small square in an eyelet fabric paired with a pale pink pillow would finish this off nicely. It is economical, too. You can purchase a King Size quilt with two shams for less than $150.

For your nightstand, instead of purchasing a new piece of furniture take a trip to your local thrift store or antique shop. Find an old or vintage table that is priced low because it needs a little work. Perhaps the finish is marred from ring marks or minor problems like that. Take it home and paint it white or a pale color from your quilt color scheme. After the paint has dried, scuff up some areas on the edges to give it an old and used look.  It really doesn’t matter that it does not match or other bedroom furniture, it is not supposed to. You want that eclectic look of mismatched furniture.

Instead of having a boring ceiling fixture change it to a Veranda Three Light Chandelier or a similar style that adds to the charm and romance of the room. You can also create that Granny Chic feel with an old chandelier found in thrift shops and antique shops. The advantage to purchasing new is that you won’t have to worry about the wiring being safe.

To complete your your Granny Chic decor in the bedroom consider adding some of these elements:

  • tiered tidbit tray to display jewelry or other little trinkets on a dresser or nightstand
  • tall tumblers or goblets in clear or colored glass for flowers
  • an old side chair or armchair upholstered in a plain fabric that compliments your quilt
  • a vintage mirror painted white or a color that matches your color scheme
  • a crocheted or knitted afghan in a solid color that matches a color in your quilt (lay it at the end of your bed or draped on the chair.
  • a display of old plates hanging in a grouping on the wall
  • vintage frames for your photos

Once you have started with adding vintage and old pieces to your existing new pieces you will start to get the feel of your Granny Chic style that fits your personality. The wonderful thing about this decorating trend is the “greenness” of finding a new purpose for old items along with saving money by purchasing used items and updating them to fit our modern homes.

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