How To Refresh A Stale Bedroom

How To Refresh A Stale Bedroom

Easy Steps to Liven Up A Bedroom

how to refresh bedroom

A neighbor of mine stopped by the other day and somehow we got into a discussion about how to refresh a bedroom that she is pretty tired of. The bedroom was her daughter’s when she was growing up and now is used mostly for guests. My neighbor is expecting guests over the summer and she wants to liven it up a little. The colors and patterns are dated and stale looking.

There are so many ways to go about this. Some are more labor intensive than others, obviously. I told her that one of the easiest ways to accomplish a refreshed look is to change the bedding. It is simple and doesn’t require making a mess or moving heavy furniture.

After strolling over to her house, we decided that the first step should be to change the bedding in the room. It was sad and worn looking and so we started shopping online. After several possible choices, Mrs. H went with the quilt below.

Alena Quilt Collection

We both love the colors and they will work well in the room without doing much of anything else. I like the contemporary style of the fabric. It looks fresh and has a bit of a vintage touch with those paisley pieces. After she had made her choice on the bedding and ordered it, I found this fun little pillow to throw on the bed.

Shagadelic Chenille Twist Throw Pillow Color: Aqua

I think the pillow will add some interest and texture to the new look in the bedroom. We could have chosen all kinds of styles but the shaggy look enhances the feel of vintage from the comforter. Kind of ties it all together, if you will. I also suggested that she order the coordinating shams that are available where she purchased the quilt.

Once the quilt and pillows are delivered, we will see what other things might be able to done to liven up the room. It could be that this will make all the difference and Mrs. H won’t have to do anything else.

More Possibilities On How To Refresh That Room

Some other ideas that I can suggest to my neighbor, Mrs. H, is a different table lamp to sit on the nightstand next to the bed. We can take the shams with us and go to a local flea market to see if we can find something fun and funky in the right color. I’m thinking that will be less expensive than buying a new one.

Mrs. H could also look around and see if she can find 3 to 5 little bottles that coordinate with the new colors in the room. They can be placed on a shelf on the wall, on the nightstand or the little table near the existing chair. I recommend she get them in different sizes and shapes but I’ll leave that up to her.

Another fun and easy step would be to find a new piece of art for one of the walls. Mrs. H could go with a painting, a print or some kind of wall art that will blend with the new bedding.

A more labor intensive step would be to paint the walls in one of the colors from the quilt. I would volunteer to help with the painting but I’m not sure my neighbor wants to tackle that before her guests arrive this summer. It would be easy to take one of the shams to a paint store and have them match a color.

As a little gift to her for asking my advice and allowing me to tell the story of how to refresh a bedroom here at The House of Rumpley, I plan to crochet a little lapghan in the colors of the quilt for her to drape over the chair in the room.

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  1. it’s amazing how fresh a bedroom can look with just changing the soft furnishings. thanks for the ideas.

  2. You have certainly shared some wonderful ideas for refreshing a bedroom. I, too, have a grown daughter who has now left her childhood bedroom behind. I keep telling myself, I need to redecorate. I think a new bedspread and throw pillows would be a great place to start. That way, a nice refreshed look without totally removing all traces of my baby girl.

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