Log Cabin Quilt Bedding

Log Cabin Quilt Bedding

I am a real sucker when it comes to quilts! Some might call me a quilt junkie and they would be pretty close to being correct in that moniker for me. I have six different quilts that I change on the bed depending on the season we are in and the weight that it needs to be. One that I do not have is a Log Cabin Quilt and I just love that pattern in a quilt. So, I have been shopping for one that I might get and thought I might as well share with all of you what I am looking at because you might decide you would like to have one, too. So, here we go on a little virtual shopping trip together.

First of all know the real pattern

The image below is really a nice quilt but it is not a Log Cabin Quilt like is labeled by the seller. Yes, it does have strips making up the blocks but that is where the similarity ends. I like the shades of green, rust and cream but a Log Cabin Quilt it really is not. The real pattern name is often called Rail Fence or Split Rail Fence.

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Example Of A Log Cabin Quilt Variation

The image below shows what one version of the Log Cabin Quilt could look like. The blocks that are done in this old style pattern are separated by border bands and accented with stars. It is really pretty but I am more partial to the quilts that have the blocks sewn together without dividing borders breaking up the interesting pattern they make on their own.

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Almost the Winner

I wish that I could say “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!” on this one. This is exactly what I am looking for…well almost. I love it! It is done the way I want a Log Cabin Quilt to be done except that it is most definitely in the wrong colors. I love the blacks, reds and creams together but they will not go in my bedroom at all. Well, they could be but they would look really wrong, I mean really wrong.

Martha Has A Log Cabin OneMartha Has A Log Cabin OneCheck Availability

No thank you I am just looking

I guess that is what I will have to say to that virtual sales clerk who is walking up to me down that pretend aisle. Do you see her? She looks kind of determined! In my search I did not find the perfect quilt to add to my growing collection of them for our bedroom. That is OK, though. It isn’t like I have to have one right away. So, I will continue to look until I find the right one for me and my husband to have on our bed. I do not have to be in any hurry and I am not one to just settle for something that might look just OK. Nope, at my age I do not do that anymore. I might take a stroll on over to eBay and see if anyone has one there. I would show you what I found but that would be against the rules, ya see. If I find one and buy it, I’ll take a picture and put it here on the page later. That would be the legal way to do it.

I also have the option of making one myself but to be honest that would take too darn long. I am in a bigger hurry than that!

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  1. Hey Bev….check out Donna Sharp quilts. Several places online carry them. I believe she has several log cabin or log cabin type quilts and some really lovely colors. Her quilts are a little pricey, but really well made.

    • Oh I do love her quilts! I have one already and it really is made nice. She does have a couple of log cabin ones that I like. She also has a trip around the world quilt that just makes me slobber all over myself when I see it.

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