Pink And Green Bedroom For A Girl

Pink And Green Bedroom For A Girl

It is time that our sweet little baby girl graduates from the crib to a big girl bed and you are thinking that you would love to do her room in shades of pinks and greens. Am I right? They are such cheerful colors to use in a girls bedroom and are easily done. If you choose wisely, you might not have to change the room for many years to come. You can pick something that is very little girlish but that might mean re-doing the room when she gets a little older. If you pick a bedding that suits both little girls, tweens and teens, you will not have to make many changes as the years fly by. And trust me, after raising two daughters those years pass in a flash.

I think the bedding set below is a nice choice for a girls bedroom because it will grow with her and not have to be changed in a few short years. The featured set comes with a comforter for the bed, one pillow sham, skirting for the bed and a valance for a window. These are made for a twin sized bed, by the way. A set for a full sized bed is also available.

Olivia Bedding SetOlivia Bedding SetCheck Availability

You can also get several accessory pieces to coordinate with the bedding set. A cute lamp shade, laundry hamper, curtains for the window, wall art and so very much more.

What I like about this paricular set of bedding for a kids room is that it is feminine but not too foo fooey. I also love the combination of pink and green together. My first prom dress was a pale pink with an apple green ribbon but we are not here to talk about old prom dresses, now are we? So, back to the bedding. The use of scrolls and stripes together makes for an interesting look and is perfect for a look that is not babyish. She really will feel like a big girl in a room that not only has a big girl bed but a design as well.

Using all white for the walls and furniture would make for a nice contrast to the brightness of the colors in the fabrics of the bedding and accessories. I would be tempted to paint the walls with just a hint of pink to them, myself. If you really want to be bold you could do pink walls with green woodwork. Just make sure they are in the same color family as the fabrics. I know, I keep harping on that but it really is important when using color in any room.

The featured set is certainly not the only choice when it comes to pinks and greens but I think it is both an economical one and one that will not need to be changed after a few short years.

For more ideas using these two colors together visit this link: Pink And Green Bedding Ideas

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