How About Coffee Decor In The Kitchen?

Using A Coffee Theme In The Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen with coffee decor can be fun and unique when it comes to expressing yourself with interior design elements. If you happen to be a huge coffee fan, the choice is kind of an obvious one. You do not have to love coffee to use it in a theme, though. Think about the rich colors of coffee that will work in a home that uses browns, beiges and other shades of earthy colors…coffee colors will work well. There are all sorts of ways to use this theme, too. There are designs with cups and mugs, advertising and posters, pots of all sizes and shapes and coffee cans.

Follow down the page and we will look at some of your options for a fun decor idea to work with.
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Coffee IV

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Wall Clocks

One easy way to start with your decor is to pick a wall clock to use in your kitchen or the room that you are going to celebrate coffee in. It will help you to decide which way you want to go with the rest of the decor as far as the colors and the styling. You might want something that has a vintage look or you may like the stylized cups and pots. Then again, you may go for a whimsical feel to the room. No matter which style appeals to you, there are clocks that will fit the theme. Here are some ideas for Coffee Clocks

Coffee Wall Art

How much fun is this? Three copper colored cups can hang in a grouping on your wall. I like the way they used the different names that our favorite beverage can be called. They are fun and a little on the retro side of decorating. They will also look great with a contemporary style and I think they would work with country and even rustic.

coffee mugs wall art
Coffee House Cup Mugs

Decals instead of Wallpaper

Instead of using a wallpaper to decorate your walls, pick some fun decals that you can apply to a wall or all of your walls in the kitchen. There are several options when it comes to this easy to use way of decorating a wall. Just go to your favorite online website and search for coffee wall decals. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see what fun options there are.

Posters Add To The Theme Of Coffee

Having one or two posters or signs that show different styles of pots is another way to follow this fun theme in your kitchen. I recommend going to a website like Allposters where you can find some really fun posters.

Where did coffee originate? It is most commonly agreed that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia and then spread from there.

For Your Windows

A cute and whimsical look for your windows, curtains or just a valance with a coffee theme. You can put the valance on the window that is over your sink if you have one.

Towels And Linens With A Coffee Theme

Another way to pick up on the theme is to have kitchen towels that use the colors and images in the fabric. There are several options for this way to decorate.

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