Red Kitchen Ideas

Red Kitchen Ideas

I recently had a friend ask me what I thought about red kitchens. Her question came about because she is wanting to change the look of her kitchen and she was hoping that I could give her some red kitchen ideas. Well, let me tell you as I told her, I love red in the kitchen! It is a color that is associated with love but it is also a color that stimulates the appetite. Have you ever noticed how many restaurants have a red decor? There is a psychology to that choice believe it or not.

How Much Red Should Be Used?

That is going to depend on several factors. You can go really bold and have your cabinets done in red if you have a budget that will cover that expense or if you are building a new home. My advice on that is make sure you really love the color because cabinets are an expensive change to make if you tire of the color in a few years. If you have painted cabinets, you could consider painting them red and that would be less expensive to change later.

You could paint the walls red which is also easy to change later. That choice can be pretty bold and you should make sure that your cabinet color will tone down that boldness. White cabinets look awesome with red walls whether they are painted or tiled. Dark woods also look pretty cool, too. Just make sure that your red is in the same color family. If you wood has a orange hue to it using a red that has a blue tone to it will cause the two to fight each other and you will not like the result in your newly red kitchen.

Most times it is best to choose a color scheme that has red as a complimentary color. Red and white, yellows and reds, or red, white and blue are combinations that are easy to find things to decorate with. There are red appliances and red accessories that will give you a delightful and cheerful red kitchen.

walnut-cabinet My friend has cabinets that are similar to my own which are a rich warm walnut color. She is not planning on changing the cabinets and I don’t blame her one bit because I love the look of the dark woods. The picture on the left is from my own kitchen but hers look almost the same except for the door pulls.

With the color of her cabinets I have an idea for how she should go with adding red to her kitchen. Even though we both have rather large kitchens the darker wood makes everything appear on the dark side so to help balance that out we need to either go with all dark colors or use lighter colors to add some interest. I am suggesting that she go with a little red instead of a lot of red.


Yellow And Red Kitchen

I have suggested that she consider a yellow and red color scheme for her new look in her kitchen. This is a color combination that was very popular back in the 1940s and it can be so much fun to work with. Since we both love vintage things we can have some fun finding some accessory pieces to add some interest, too.

With the dark cabinets that she has to work with, I think that a soft buttery yellow paint will work on the walls. We will add red with small appliances in a nice rich red color. She needs a new mixer so I showed her the one shown below and she loves that color of red and the mixer, too.

red kitchen stand mixer
KitchenAid Pro 500 Series 10-Speed 5-Quart Stand Mixer in Empire Red

Maybe a red canister set, some red towels and some red utensils and that may be all of the red that she uses. Just enough to make a nice statement without getting too powerful with the reds. She can then find a vintage tablecloth that has yellow and red in the pattern to put on the kitchen table. That will be the fun part, going to local flea markets, antique shops and auctions looking for little treasures to add to her new look. She could go with a red refrigerator and stove but she feels that she should not go to that expense right now and I understand that. Besides that could be very limiting in a few years if she wants to change colors again. She would be stuck with the red until the large appliances need to be replaced.

Think About The Color Of Red You Use

I know I mentioned this a little bit above but it is worth mentioning again. If you are going to use red, either a lot or a little, make sure that your reds blend well together and with the other colors in your room. The red of a ripe strawberry has a bit of a blue tone to it while the red of a ripe tomato is going to look more orange. Does that make sense? Both are red but belong to a slightly different place on the color wheel. One will look better with colors that have a blueish hue to them while the other is going to do better with oranges, bright yellows and sunnier colors.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had friends say that they know something is off in their room but they just can’t figure out what it is. My color sense sees it immediately and I will often say, “Well, it is because these pieces are from the blue family of the color and this piece is from the yellow side. Take that out and see the difference.”

If you think you might like to add some red to your kitchen decor you might like looking at these red kitchen accessories for some ideas on how you can do that. Red is a vibrant and powerful color and can really add some pizzazz to your kitchen.

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Beverly Owens

Bev has been decorating rooms and homes since she was a little kid, starting with her own bedroom. She loves to share ideas for decorating different rooms in the home along with some outstanding products that she finds from time to time.


  1. Red makes a great accent color, and either red tone works well with wood. However, I think for a red and white mix the blue-toned reds look better. You can also paint with a white that has a warm or cool tone to it.
    With red as an accent, you do not need a lot of it to show up. Even just adding a clock and red towels will spark up your look.
    Great post, Bev. I love this blog.

    • Oh yes, I agree with the blue toned red and white together. I had not thought about a clock for my friends kitchen walls but I think she will love that idea. A red clock on those butter yellow walls that we plan to paint would look striking!

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