Do You Want A Western Kitchen?

Do You Want A Western Kitchen?

Western Kitchen Decorating Ideas

western wine holder Do you have a hankerin’ for a western kitchen? Did you even know that was a possibility? If you love western decor and cowboy decor then you can have a kitchen that is decorated with western and cowboy accessories. You can choose from things for your tabletop like dinnerware and salt and pepper shakers. There are options for organizing and storage needs with a western theme along with table linens and so many items that you just can not image. These items are awesome choices for a home that is decorated with a western theme, fun touches to incorporate in a rustic decor and even in some cases lodge decor.

So, let’s look at our options for creating a western kitchen.

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Western Dinnerware For Your Kitchen Table

One of the easiest ways to start a decorating scheme for a western kitchen is to have a set of dinnerware that you like. By picking the dishes first you can start to pick up colors to accessorize with.

True West Rodeo Dinner Set (5 Piece)

western kitchen dishes
True West Rodeo Dinner Set (5 Piece)

The border of all of the dishes have different types of cattle brands while the images on the dishes show different activities that a cowboy would do in a rodeo.

Barbed Wire 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

barbed wire dishes
Barbed Wire 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

I am a huge fan of dishes that are square in their shape so I just love this set with a simple design of the barb wire that many western ranches would use to keep the cattle and horses within the boundaries of the property.

Western Salt And Pepper Shakers for your tabletop

Add a whimsical touch to the table with a set of salt and pepper shakers with a western or cowboy theme to them. They can match the dishes that you picked or they can be something totally different. Here are a few examples of some fun shakers.

Rivers Edge Products Cast Iron Spur Salt and Pepper Shaker

western salt pepper shakers
Rivers Edge Products Cast Iron Spur Salt and Pepper Shaker

This set is really cute and different, isn’t it? The spur sits on top of a horseshoe to form the base to hold the brown barrel shaped shakers.

Western Hat and Cowboy Boots Salt & Pepper Shaker Salt Pepper Set

cowboy boot and hat shakers
Two Piece Cowboy Boots With Cowboy Hat Salt And Pepper Shakers

The boots will shake out the salt and the hat can add pepper to the food while the little set creates a fun and unique look for the family while they dine.

Westland Giftware Magnetic Cowboy and Saloon Girl Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 3-3/4-Inch

western couple shakers
Westland Giftware Mwah Magnetic Cowboy and Saloon Girl Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 3-3/4-Inch

Oh that little devil dog of a cowboy is sneaking a kiss from the little gal from the local saloon!

A Cute Tablecloth with a Westhern Theme

You can also add a western tablecloth if you like. There are several new ones that have a fun vintage style to them.

Western Cotton Tablecloth – Home on the Range

western tablecloth
Moda Home Western Cotton Tablecloth – Home on the Range

Such a nostalgic look to this 52 inch square cloth for your table! The border is cactus plants and there are cowboys riding horses, cowboy hats and gloves and wagon wheels to finish out the design.

Vintage Style Western Ranch Tablecloth

western ranch tablecloth
The Branded Ranch Vintage Style Western Tablecloth

For a rectangle table this cloth measures 52 inches by 65 inches and has cattle brands in the center while the border shows ranch scenes.

Barbwire Embroidered Table Runner

barbwire table runner
Manual Table Runner, Western Star

If a full tablecloth is not what you want to use a table runner with barbed wire would look really cool on any table with a western theme.

Cowboys Western Cloth Tablecloth

western cowboys tablecloth
Cowboys Western Cloth Tablecloth

Now, this square tablecloth is perfect in a kitchen, if you ask me! It has a chuck wagon theme which is where the cowboys out on the range would have eaten their vittles. It measures 52 inches by 52 inches.

Western Towels For The Kitchen

We always need towels in the kitchen so pick some that have cowboys, horses and other western themes. There are several options available. I’ll show you one of my favorites and you can go from there.

Western Round up Theme Dish Towels By Moda, Set of 3

The towels above have a very vintage style to them but there are also options available that are more contemporary in their design. I just think the set above is cute and very different.

As you can see with the options that I have showcased in this post, there is certainly a way to create a western style kitchen for your home. You can so traditional or fun and whimsical with vintage touches or maybe a combination of both.

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