Salmon: A Painting Idea For The Dining Room

Salmon: A Painting Idea For The Dining Room

salmon-fan Are you looking to change the look of your dining room? One of the easiest ways to accomplish a new look is to paint the walls a new color. I would like to offer Salmon as a painting idea for your dining room. Yes, that lovely pinkish with a hint of orange color…salmon. You can go from the palest hue to a darker hue depending on your tastes. I know, it isn’t exactly one of the standard choices for a wall color but it would look really gorgeous in a dining room and give your room a warm and inviting feeling.

The nice thing about choosing salmon as a wall color is that you can make it look formal with your choice of trim color and accessories or you can give your room a casual feel by using different trim and accents.  So, you should think about which style you will be wanting to achieve before you select your trim and accent pieces.

Most people would probably go with a white trim in a salmon room and that would look nice. I recommend that you choose a cream color for the trim.  A nice subtle cream color will add warmth to the room and give it a formal appearance.  If you are really wanting to think outside of the box with your trim, a silver toned gray would be really elegant. It could be accented with silver candlesticks and accessories on your table including your silverware. Before you shake your head at my idea, think about nature. The salmon has that beautiful pinkish orange color on the inside but its skin is silver.  I’m not suggesting a metallic paint for the woodwork, just a soft gray that makes you think silver.

If you want a less formal dining area you could go with some fun combinations for accessories and trim like turquoise or another contrasting color that you love.

You can add to the color scheme with the upholstery in your chairs, your tablecloth, and even the art you put on your walls. Don’t overdo it with the salmon but touches of darker and lighter hues in your accessories can really make your decor look professional and no one will ever know you did it yourself unless you tell them.

After you have chosen your paint colors, remember to have the right supplies on hand:

Painting your own walls and trim is something that you can definitely do yourself and can make a boring room come alive with new color to set the mood.

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