Shades Of Grey For The Home

Shades Of Grey For The Home

Now let’s be clear that I am speaking about shades of grey that we can use in our decorating schemes and even though I might mention 50 shades of grey, I won’t be referring to the popular book that has nothing to do with interior decorating. Grey is one of those hot trends in decor this year and we can find it in paint colors for the walls, furniture, carpeting, bedding, linens and appliances. It can be used in virtually every room of the home including the nursery. It can be found in virtually any style of decor from country to urban designs.

Grey is one of those neutral colors that can be used with a variety of other colors to sometimes tone down bright colors or act subtly with softer colors. Although some might look at this color and think of gloominess or sadness, I do not exactly agree. Using grey in a room can also give the feeling of sophistication, practicality and dignity. I think a lot of it has to do with which colors you choose to use with the grey and maybe how much of it you use.

shades of grey sofa
Studio Home by Ty Pennington Sasha Sofa

Notice how it can be used in a living room or family room in the color of the sofa. Working with the taupe and greyish shades of brown it has a calm and quiet appeal. Of course you could take this same sofa and use yellows and white as the accent instead of the earthier tones. Navy blue or other shades of blue with touches of yellow would give it an entirely different look and feel. Mauves and pinks also work well with the color gray. For a bolder look you could use darker shades like charcoal with a splash of red mixed in for a more exciting scheme of color that makes you think of an urban style.

You might not want your furniture to be grey, although when you think about it the sofa can last for several years and changing the colors of the accessories once in a while can revive a room for a lot less money. My point is that if you are wanting to use this neutral conservative color in another way you can paint the walls using it. One option would be to paint the walls in a medium tone and then the woodwork with a white paint that has just a hint of gray.  Very light grey walls with white woodwork works too.

Of course you can incorporate the color into the scheme with fabrics in pillows, rugs, and other accessories if you only want just a touch of it throughout the room. In a kitchen you might decide that the appliances will be gray and then add bolder colors to the rest of the decor.

I once had a bathroom that had the prettiest buttery yellow tiles on the walls. At the time, money was tight and I could not afford to remove the tiles and I honestly did not want to. I liked the color but struggled for a while as to what I could do differently as far as decorating that bath. Some suggested that I go with brown and yellow but I am sorry brown in a bathroom just makes me go “ewwww!”. I decided I wanted gray and yellow in that bath. At time my entire house was decorated in a country theme. I had a very hard time finding country wallpaper to liven up the walls in that color combination but I finally did. That bathroom was the most cheerful room when I was done with it!

Shades of Grey For Baby

Remember I said you can even use it in a nursery? Here is only one example of the bedding that you can use with shades of  grey in a baby room. You can find them using turquoise, pinks and other colors, I just particularly like this example using yellow and gray together.

grey nursery bedding
Migi Sweet Sunshine 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set by Bananafish

Because it is such a trendy color right now you will have a much easier time finding paints, wallpapers, furniture  and accessories to decorate with the color grey in your home. Use it a little or use it a lot and feel comfortable with your choices.

The wonderful abstract design in the featured image is courtesy of Pixabay.

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Beverly Owens

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  1. Hi Bev….fun blog….!

  2. I love the color combination. We are currently redecorating our side entry hallway and half bath and while we aren’t using this color combination, we are using calming colors like these.

    I love the fabric on the sofa pillows and ottoman.

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