Decorating With A Yellow Color Scheme

Decorating With A Yellow Color Scheme

Have you been thinking of using yellow in your color scheme for decorating a room in the house? Many people love to use this sunny color in at least one room of the house and it is so versatile that it can be used in virtually any room of the home. People who are drawn to the color of yellow are usually known as people with sunny dispositions and their cheerfulness. Typically people whose favorite color is yellow are stimulating to talk to and very creative. They are known for being people who not only set goals but also are known for achieving those goals. It is no wonder because not only do we think of the sun when we see this color but it is also associated with the mind and intellect of humans. Did you know that it is the easiest color of the spectrum for our eyes to see? That is why it is used around pedestrian crossings and in warning signs on the roads.

When decorating our homes we can find a variety of fabrics, paints, wallpapers and accessories that are in shades of yellow. Some are very bright and bold and usually are closer to the orange section of the color wheel. On the other side are the yellows that have more blue in them. If we are going to use this color we just need to decide which hue we want, a blue tint or a red tint. After that it is how much or how little we want in the room. Yellow can be the main color used in a decorating scheme or it can be an accent color. Although it is not considered a neutral color, I can not honestly think of a color that it doesn’t work well with. Greens, blues, reds, purples and the obvious black or white. Yellow goes with them all.

Curtains With Yellow And Other Colors

Just as an example of the different colors that yellow looks well with, I found three samples of color combinations with this color and other colors.

Yellow and Blue CurtainYellow and Blue CurtainCheck Price

Yellow and Red CurtainYellow and Red CurtainCheck Price

Yellow and Pinks CurtainYellow and Pinks CurtainCheck Price

One thing to consider when decorating with yellow is that it can be overpowering for some individuals. It is considered a “fast color” or a color associated with rapid movement. That is probably because it is a color that our eyes react to quickly. That can be irritating to some personalities and make them feel unsettled while surrounded by it.

Pillows With Yellow

To give some other examples of color schemes with yellow, I picked some pillow samples to show how it looks in different combinations.

Green and Yellow GeometricGreen and Yellow GeometricCheck Price

Yellow With Orange PillowYellow With Orange PillowCheck Price

Turquoise, Pink and YellowTurquoise, Pink and YellowCheck Price


The room that you plan to use yellow in may determine what colors you want to either compliment it with or use it as a complimentary color. In a kitchen it works well with white, red, and blues. Turquoise, yellow and white make a fun and unique color combination in a kitchen. A bedroom might look striking in pinks and yellow, blues and yellows or grays and yellows.

Another consideration is the style of decor you want to use with the color. Will it be a formal and more traditional style room or will it be casual with touches of whimsy? Will it be a country style or more of an elegant room? If you make those decisions first it will be easier to decorate with the color yellow and decide what other colors to use with it. Have fun and make it homey to you and your family.

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  1. I am not a big fan of yellow, but my cousin loves it and has a whole kitchen done in yellow and white with big giant daisy wallpaper. She is a child of the 70’s though.

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