Mystery Afghan CAL Week 3

Mystery Afghan CAL Week 3

What is a mystery without some drama?

When reading a good mystery novel, there is usually some good drama and a little adventure during the unfolding of the story. Am I right? Well, apparently the same goes with a challenge to crochet a Mystery Afghan with a very large group of people.

mystery afghan

Our clues for each week are supposed to be delivered around 10 AM EST each Tuesday morning. Many of us (and I was surprised to see just how many) are waiting with bated breath for that clue to come out so that we can get our hooks to crocheting the next step. This week there was a tangled mess with the releasing of the clue. Yarnspirations posted an adorable picture of a kitty all tangled in yarn (if you have a cat you know it can happen) with an explanation that they were having some technical difficulties and would give us the clue as soon as possible. The beginning of the drama and an additional mystery. How long would it take to untangle the mess?

Folks, I’m here to tell ya there were some mighty unhappy crocheters when they didn’t get their clue on time! I wasn’t sure but what there wouldn’t be a riot of some sort. There was a riot of comments, that is for sure. After about 6 hours of waiting (that is some mean tangle of technology!) the clue was released and all was calm in the crochet world.

Our clue this week involved two steps and introduced our last two colors. In my case, there was a round of the Passion yarn (purple) using Ch (chains), SC (single crochet) and SCFP (front post single crochet). There is also a neat little trick using a grouping of SC, HDC, DC and a TR (treble crochet) before and after each corner. We went around the existing square adding a neat kind of dimension to the square. I really liked the way it looked with that round and my existing colors.

mystery afghan clue 3 step 1

The second stage of Clue #3 in the mystery afghan was to use our 4th color which in my case is the Limelight yarn. Again, we went around the edge of the existing square using SC, HDC (half double crochet), DC and Chains (lots of chains). Simple enough stitches, but boy howdy it sure changed the look of the square! I’ve seen examples of other crocheters work after doing Clue 3 and theirs looks pretty neat. I’m not so sure that I like that green on mine, though. I’m going to continue with it because it was a color combination suggested by the designer of the pattern. I’m hoping that it will end up looking just fine and that with the next 7 clues that green will make some sense in the pattern and hopefully will tone down just a little.

mystery afghan clue 3 step 2

I thought it would be fun this week to share what some of my friends are doing with this challenge. They chose a different color scheme and the difference in how the squares are turning out is amazing with the different colors. Here is a picture of my friend Terry Boroff’s after having completed Clue 3. I love her choice of colors! Terry writes a blog called Flip Flop Nana so you might enjoy going over to her corner of the web and see what she is up to.

terry mystery cal square


My sweet sister-in-law Amy Rumler is also participating in the challenge. Her squares look like this after Clue 3. You can follow her page on Facebook dedicated to crocheting to see what she is getting from her hooks. Amy’s Knotty Corner

amys mystery afghan square


Another piece of drama this week was the discovery that there have been mistakes in the printed pattern pages. Remember in week 1 when I thought that I had my squares too big? I frogged every one of those squares and worked until I had a 4 inch square. Now, the pattern has been changed to read that the squares should be 5 inch squares which is what I had to begin with! That kind of miffed me just a tad. My finished afghan is going to be smaller than it should be because I’ll be darned if I’m going to go back and frog (rip out) all those squares again and basically start over.

Well, that is it for this week, I’ll be back with Clue #4 and we will see how this is all raveling out. I once thought we would have squares that looked like 3 dimensional flowers of some sort but after this week, I’m starting to see a butterfly.

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  1. I love seeing how different each piece looks due to our color choices. This will be fun seeing them all come together! Thanks for sharing mine.

  2. This is going to absolutely beautiful when it is done! I just love it!

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