Mystery Afghan Challenge Completed

Mystery Afghan Challenge Completed

Challenge Taken: Mission Complete

afghan completed

Wow, that 10 week challenge seemed to just fly by! Those of us who took the challenge have worked each week adding the stitches to finally have a completed afghan. Remember, when we started we had no idea what it was going to look like at the end. What a fun journey!

This week, we received our last clue which was to add three more rounds to the luscious border. My goodness that border is just remarkable! Sure it was labor intensive at times but it is the most striking border I have ever made. The first two rounds this week were pretty simple, just a combination of SC and Chains. The last round uses an extended picot stitch that took some time to get all the way around but it really adds a lot to the already exquisite border.

I have to admit that picot stitches have never been my favorite to do. With Mikey’s (The Crochet Crowd) guidance, I finally get it! Now, I actually like making them and they do add a certain flair to many projects.

What I learned in this challenge

I really enjoyed this challenge to create an afghan with no idea what the finished product would look like when we began. I’ve said before that if I had seen the pattern for this afghan, it is not one that I would have chosen to try. Why? Well, completed I would think that it was way beyond my skill sets. Taken in small steps, I found that I can do projects like this.

I learned to read and use diagrams on a pattern. They always looked intimidating to me before and now I find that I look at the diagram first. Sometimes, they make more sense to me than the written directions.

I, also, learned that it is really kind of fun to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new. My confidence in my ability to work with complicated (or what looks complicated) patterns has soared.

Will I do another mystery challenge? Oh you bet ya! I loved the knowledge and confidence that I gained through the process but most of all I loved seeing what others were doing as we worked through this together. A group of fellow crocheters encouraged each other through the process and that was very uplifting. Seeing the color choices that everyone decided on was fun too. Even though we were all working on the same afghan, it is amazing how different colors can make it look totally unique.

Thanks for following along with me on this crochet journey! I hope you had fun.

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  1. That is really beautiful! I love your colors and how intricate the finished product looks. I have to agree – I doubt seriously that I would have attempted it on my own for the same reasons. Glad you found it enjoyable – and many thanks for sharing your journey. I’ve enjoyed watching your progress.

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