Mystery Afghan Crochet Challenge Week 8

Mystery Afghan Crochet Challenge Week 8

Clue 8: We begin working on the border

mystery afghan week 8

The clue was released for week 8 of our Mystery Afghan crochet challenge on Tuesday this week. It was nice to be able to work on it after having to wait for 2 weeks. If you remember, our last clue was the steps of joining the squares and everyone was given two weeks to complete the join.

So this week we begin what looks to be an elaborate border. With the afghan turning out to be so flashy, a simple border just would not do, me thinks. The first step was simple with using our color A to do SC (single crochets) around the entire piece.

step one border

That was a very easy step to take care of and really did not take very long to finish at all. Now, on to the second step of the clue for our mystery afghan.

Oh, I have to say, I really liked the second step of the clue! We crocheted Trs (treble chochets) around the edge but in a fun way. The treble crochet stitches are crossed over each other and that took a little more time to do. The result is really dramatic, though and well worth the time spent to finish this step of the border for the mystery afghan.

crossed treble crochet

We have two additional clues coming before our challenge is completed. Week 9 and week 10 will be additions to our border and I can hardly wait to see what comes next. I would assume that we will probably incorporate our other two colors in the border, but one never knows.

This has been such a fun process for me. I have learned to use the basic stitches of crochet in new ways to create quite a dynamic piece. Even though we are not completely finished with this project, I am looking forward to the next mystery challenge!

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