Mystery Afghan Crochet Project Week 4

Mystery Afghan Crochet Project Week 4

Clue 4 Of The Mystery Afghan

Well, we are progressing right along with our mystery afghan crochet project and I have to say I am liking it more and more. Let’s see what happened to our squares after we completed clue number 4 in the mystery.

mystery afghan wk 4

This week’s clue consisted of two more rounds added to the squares which made them slightly larger than last week’s sample. The stitches involved are not difficult but remembering where to put them on round 8 was a little difficult for me to catch on to.

cal afghan square wk 4

I sat through the video clue about 3 times trying to set the pattern of round 8 in my head but it just wasn’t coming to me. That is when I thought it might be easier to follow the diagram. After all, Mikey is known for loving to use the diagrams for crochet patterns. One of the things that we should learn from this process is to actually learn how to read a crochet diagram. I figured that I might as well see if it would make sense to me.

Oh my goodness! Following the diagram made my progress on the mystery afghan squares so much easier! Now, I see why Mikey of The Crochet Crowd likes them so much! In future, I won’t be so intimidated by those diagrams.

Last week I had some trepidation over the green in my color scheme. It just seemed so darn bright but after using the MC (master color) for rounds 8 and 9 this week, it seems toned down quite a lot.

I’m wavering again on what these squares are going to produce when our afghan is completed. I first thought a flower, then I switched to a butterfly and now I’m back to thinking a flower of some sort. It might depend on how we fasten those long 20 chains in the corners next week. If they go toward the corners it could be a butterfly or an interesting flower but if we fasten them going towards the center of the square I’m not sure if it will be a flower, butterfly or something totally different.

There is definitely a difference between front and back on the squares of this mystery afghan. At first the back wasn’t very exciting but now it is growing some interesting appeal all on it’s own. Here is what it looks like after clue 4 has been completed.

back of mystery cal

I am so glad that I decided to join in this challenge to crochet a mystery afghan. I have had a few qualms so far but each week it gets more interesting and I’m learning quite a bit. I have to give some kudos to the designer of this pattern! Bravo! So far none of the stitches have been difficult, actually pretty standard stitches are being used. It is what she has decided to do with those stitches that make these squares so unique and interesting. I know that if I were to see this pattern (even at this stage), I would probably say to myself that it was too difficult and would pass it by. In future, I will be willing to try those patterns that appear to be difficult because I have participated in this mystery afghan crochet challenge.

As each week progresses, I get more and more anxious to see what comes next. Our clue next week will put us at the half way point. Can’t wait to show you the progress!

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