Mystery Afghan Progress Week 5

Mystery Afghan Progress Week 5

Reached the Half Way Point In Our Mystery Afghan Challenge

Well, we are half way through our 10 week challenge to crochet an afghan with no idea what the finished project will look like. So far, it has been a pretty amazing journey.

mystery afghan week 5

This week’s clue which was number 5 is a pretty easy one to follow as far as the stitching goes. We added what appears to be a flower petal to the center in our Color C yarn which in my case is the Passion or purple color. It really gives some dimension to the overall motif.

The way to make the flower looks difficult but all it is – is a series of treble crochet stitches made into a shell and then slip stitched into the front post of the Color B yarn layer. Looks hard but it really is easy and fast to finish on each square.

Mikey said in his video that next week we start to join our squares. It is hard for me to imagine that it will take us 5 weeks to join them so there must be some kind of trick involved but that is part of the mystery. Isn’t it?

crochet a long week 5

I’ll keep this post short this week since the clue was a simple one that added that interesting piece in the center. I am getting more and more excited to have it completed and I am really happy with the color palette that I chose. It is going to look really great in our bedroom.

The drapes match the wallpaper in our master bath and they have a little of the same colors as my afghan will have in it. This little exercise in crochet is just one way to add to the decor of our room and have something that I made myself. That is one of the fun things about DIY projects that will add to your look in a room.

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