Mystery Afghan Crochet A Long Week 2

Mystery Afghan Crochet A Long Week 2

Week 2 Progress In Crochet Mystery Afghan

The clue was released for week two in the Mystery Crochet-a-long afghan challenge. I have to admit that I was a little surprised at what the assignment was. Let me explain…

mystery afghan crochet

I figured that we would be told to make more granny squares only in different colors. Since in week one we made 20 squares that were only 4 inches that will not be a very big afghan. Well, I was wrong (trust me, that isn’t the first time in my life that I have been wrong!). I’m not saying that later on we won’t be told to make more squares but it wasn’t this week. Mikey did say in this week’s video that we will eventually make our original squares a little larger but this week we worked on an interesting addition to the squares from week one.

crochet squares

Do you see the difference from last week? Those were just plain granny squares in my pagoda yarn. This week we added these very interesting x’s to them. We were told to crochet these intriguing forms using our contrast color b which in my case was the watermelon on top of the squares from last week. The task in week 2 didn’t take very long as it required only a few stitches. A combination of SC (single crochet), SCFP (single crochet in front post) and chains make up the over all “x” design along with a combination of SC, HDC, and DC for the corners. Easy to do with a dramatic look when completed.

That watermelon yarn really looks spectacular on top of the wonderful dark teal of the pagoda! I’m wondering if next week we will add something to those squares that will make this to look like a flower sitting on top. Could be but then again, it could be something totally different.

I’m really having fun working on this project and wish that the clues were not spaced one week apart. Not only will I be learning to read pattern diagrams and new techniques but I’ll also have a lesson in patience before this is all over with.

I do want to make something clear. The links that I give to Yarnspirations and to The Crochet Crowd are not affiliate links. I’m not making any money from them by posting about this mystery afghan challenge. I’m just sharing the progress with you, my readers, as a fun thing to do. Besides, I will have a wonderful journal of my progress for my own use when it is all over.

If you want to peek at last week’s post: Crochet Along Mystery Afghan

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  1. I love your work this week. I will checking your blog weekly to see your progress. I have done mystery quilts before and they are so much fun. I know you will learn so much and I can’t wait to see the end result with your beautiful colors. Enjoy the process. You know if you are getting your squares done really fast, you maybe could do another with different colors to help you get through the week long wait.

    • Hi Deb! Thank you so much for stopping by! I’ve actually considered doing two at a time! I keep seeing so many gorgeous color schemes being used that my mouth is drooling.

  2. My mom used to do mystery quilts. I love the crochet idea. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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