Mystery Crochet Afghan Week Nine

Mystery Crochet Afghan Week Nine

Our mystery crochet afghan is almost complete

mystery crochet afghan wk 9

The clue for week nine of our mystery crochet afghan challenge was released this week bringing us to a point where we are almost complete in our tasks. This week we worked more on our lovely border. The stitches were not difficult to accomplish but step 2 of the clue was a little more time consuming to complete.

The first step in adding to our border was to take Color A, in my case Pagoda, and work around the edge with a combination of SC and Chains.

mystery crochet border step

That task did not take very long to accomplish at all and was really easy. It was step number 2 of this week’s clue that was time consuming. The stitches are not difficult to do but there were simply a lot of them to do across the four edges. Unlike most borders in crochet for this step we turned our afghan around and worked from the back. We created a series of Dc5togs which means 5 double crochets stitched together followed with a single Dc. The reason for the turning was so that our Dc5tog would have the puffed out side on the front of the mystery crochet afghan.

mystery crochet border step 2

The printed pattern called for us to use Color B once again but I did not follow the pattern. Mikey of The Crochet Crowd who does the tutorial videos for this Mystery Crochet Afghan challenge goofed when filming the instructions and used his color C. He explained this in the video and said he plans to substitute in next week’s clue. I honestly didn’t like the two rows being the same color so I went with what Mikey considered a goof. I like the result much better.

Since we have started working on our border the printed instructions have included credit to the book Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. I actually own that book and found that we are doing border number 9 in the book. Edie does not have instructions to double up on the color like the printed Yarnspirations instructions does so I think the designer of the mystery crochet afghan goofed when typing the directions and that Mikey accidentally did it correctly.

Around the Corner Crochet Borders

If I am correct in the border that is being used, then next week in our final clue I will use my color D for one of the rows in the border. I really think it will make it more cohesive because then this exquisite border will include all 4 of the colors from the afghan.

Join me next week for the final clue and revealing of my completed afghan!

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