Bird Art On A Puzzle

Have you been looking for a gift for a bird lover and feel a little stumped? There is no need to get your feathers all ruffled, it can be pretty simple to please us birding folks. One thing that I love to do is work jigsaw puzzles, especially when the weather won’t let me be outside. There are some really lovely bird puzzles available and they make a nice inexpensive gift. They can be given for just about any occasion, too.

blue jay puzzle
Blue Jay & Friends 1000 Piece Puzzle

I particularly love the jigsaw puzzle shown above! I think one of the things that draws me to it is that everyone of those lovely little winged friends visits my own backyard. Along with a striking image of a blue jay I see a chickadee, a nuthatch and what is probably supposed to be a ladderback woodpecker.

I haven’t worked this particular puzzle but I have worked some of the Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles in the past and I really like the quality of the board that the pieces are cut from. You can bet your beak I will add this to my gift wish list for my family to consider when they are looking for something for my birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas. This one looks pretty enough to frame after it is put together and I know just the place that I could hang it, too.

You see, that is the thing when it comes to gifts for us bird lovers, simple little things just delight the dickens out of us. It does not have to be something expensive but something that has to do with our little winged friends that brings us so much joy. One thing to consider when looking at bird puzzles is the number of pieces that it has. I like the challenge of the 1,000 piece ones but there are also ones that have 500 pieces and some with only 300. Think about the person who will be putting it together and if they will have the room to work the puzzle somewhere in their “nest”. Of course, the art is often what sells us when it comes to choosing a puzzle, too.

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  1. What a beautiful puzzle! I enjoy bird watching and I am quite sure I would enjoy putting this puzzle together. I haven’t assembled a real puzzle in years. This looks like the perfect place to start when I am ready to “bet my beak” on a puzzle.

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