Feed The Birds Coffee Mug

Feed The Birds Coffee Mug

One of my favorite gifts last year from my dear hubby at Christmas was this cute little coffee mug! I love my coffee in the morning and will often sit in the sun room where I can also watch the birds at the backyard feeders. One of the reasons that my husband got this mug was that not only do I love feeding and watching my winged little friends but I also have an ongoing war with Squiggley the resident squirrel and his little band of seed stealing thieves.

feed the birds coffee mug Actually to be honest, I don’t know of any of us birders who don’t have a problem with the little varmints robbing the feeders of the seeds and goodies that are meant for the birds. Do you?¬†Anyway, this coffee mug was a perfect gift for me with the rascal of a squirrel hiding in a bird costume suggesting that it is time to feed the birds.

Notice my kitchen towel also has a bird on it. But that is for a different post when I talk about other bird lover gifts that you can get for a family member or friend who shares my (and maybe your) love of the feathered little creatures who visit our yards throughout the year.

This coffee mug will hold a little more than 8 oz of coffee with some room to add some cream and sugar without overflowing so it is a nice size for me to use. It is also made in the good old USA which is another thing that I like about it.

It does not say whether it is safe to use in the dishwasher or not. I have a tendency to hand wash mine because I don’t want it to get scratched or etched with the crumby water that is in our area.

bird coffee mug I honestly can’t tell you whether this little Feed The Birds Mug can be purchased in local shops or not. My husband ordered it from Amazon which is where the link goes to. The mug there is not exactly like mine because the side of mine looks like the image at the right. I do believe that it is from the same company and maybe they have a couple of different options. Personally, I don’t think what is on the side matters much, it is the funny image of the squirrel hiding behind the beak and feathers that cracks me up.

As I mentioned before, this was one of my favorite gifts last year. Not because it was expensive (cause it wasn’t); just because it was such a cute idea and showed that my sweet husband gave some thought into the items he chose to give me. One of my daughters was a little puzzled when I opened the gift and was so delighted with it. My grand-daughter laughed and explained that Grandma spends a lot of time shaking her fist and yelling at the squirrels to keep them away from her bird feeders. The then 9 year old totally got the humor in it, I’m not so sure the 30 something adult did but that is OK. She really isn’t in to feeding birds or being harassed by squirrels; she is busy being a Mom and that is OK with me, too.

I do wonder if some of the memories that my grandchildren will carry with them as they grow are ones of me feeding the birds in the backyard. I do let them help me when they are here and I also tell them what kind of birds we are seeing as they land to dine on the morsels we just put out. I’m sure they will also remember how Grandma didn’t much care for the squirrels or the chipmunks who stole the seeds from the feeders.

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