Crochet Bird Pattern

Crochet Bird Pattern

Little did I know when I innocently asked a good friend of mine about crochet bird patterns that they would be quite so difficult to find. I figured that if anyone had one it would be Lisa at Free Crochet Patterns And Designs By Lisa Auch. She is so very clever in designing patterns for us who love to crochet that she spent several days creating one because she also saw that there was very few patterns out there for our beloved winged friends. She graciously allowed me to share her design and free pattern for you and I to use for our next bird crafting adventure.

Crochet Bird Patterns By Lisa Auch

The image below is the pattern that Lisa designed and I just love it!

crochet brown bird

Free Crochet Bird Pattern

What I love about Lisa’s design is that depending on which weight of yarn we use and the color or colors of yard we choose, we can make it be just about any kind of bird that we want. We can go with one solid color like in her example or we can get really creative and use a variety of coloring in the yarns. I think this little guy would look adorable in red yarn to represent a cardinal. Don’t you just love the design she used for the wings?

I think when you click over to her crochet bird patterns page, you will be pleasantly surprised at how detailed her directions are. There photos showing the construction of the head, body and wings along with a supply list for the project.

I wonder why crochet patterns for birds are so scarce

I would think with the popularity of birding across the globe that more people would have designed some lovely crochet bird patterns for us to get busy with. Just as our little winged friends are crafty at finding food sources, us humans sometimes like to get crafty and try to replicate them in projects to display around the house. I’m just a little surprised that there are so few for us to make when it comes to crochet.  I know I’ve seen some lovely graphs to do in counted cross-stitch of birds but not a lot of crochet bird patterns. What I love about Lisa’s adorable little bird is that after we get it made it can look adorable on a shelf, among the potted plants indoors or any place we decide to let it perch.

Here is a variation of Lisa’s pattern in blue and white that is really cute! I love the birdhouse that she created, too.

crochet bird in blue Crochet Bird Pattern by Lisa Auch

All images of the crocheted bird are from Lisa and she has graciously allowed me to use them on this blog post.

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