Feeding Finches With A Perfect Feeder

Feeding Finches With A Perfect Feeder

Attract Finches With The Right Feeder

I have several types of feeders for my backyard birds and to be honest the sweet little finches do seem to not be very picky about which one they feed at but I have found a bird feeder that works better than any of the others in my yard. I guess what I am trying to say is that I had finches visit my feeders before but since getting this special feeder I have many more at a time.

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Kaytee Finch Station 2
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I know this is kind of a funky looking bird feeder and I actually almost didn’t buy it when I found it at the store. I put my hang-up about the visual appeal to the side and decided to take a chance on it and I am so glad that I did! As I stood there looking at the box and the strange look of the feeder, I realized that it really didn’t matter what the danged thing looked like if it attracted those pretty little birds to my yard.

One thing that I really like about it is that it will hold just about 7 pounds of nyjer seeds in those mesh socks. That is a lot of seeds! I don’t have to re-fill it as often as I have the other feeders that I used to put those little thistle seeds in. That is a benefit, for sure. The box has the feeder and 4 of those mesh tube style socks. That is 2 to put on the feeder to use and 2 spares just in case something should happen to the ones you are using. I figure, if I needed to, I could always put the clean unused ones on so that I could wash the used ones if they seemed like they were particularly soiled. Although, after using it for an entire summer last year, I didn’t see the need to launder the socks.

goldfinch OK, now for the success of this feeder for finches. I had a nice variety of finches visiting the yard. The cute little house finches and my most favorite the American Goldfinches were regulars already. After having hung the Kaytee Finch station in the yard, I had even more goldfinches! After a couple of days of it hanging in the yard, I was standing at my kitchen sink doing some dishes while I watched the activity at the feeders. I was thrilled to see about 10 goldfinches hanging in various stances on those mesh socks. They were so beautiful and so colorful that it took my breath away. After that, it was unusual not to see that finch feeder not filled with goldfinches when it was feeding time.

Even though it isn’t the prettiest feeder in my bird garden, it becomes beautiful when filled with so many finches at one time. I will never regret taking the chance and buying this feeder for finches. It has brought me much enjoyment since I placed it in my yard. I think it would be the perfect gift for the bird lover on your gift list.

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