Planters For The Lover Of Birds

As a bird lover, I am always noticing items that I can have around the house and garden area that show my love for my winged friends. Sometimes I just go ahead and buy an item for myself and then other times, I make note of things as a gift idea to share with my family.

Since, I love to have plants both indoors and out a planter with a bird theme is a perfect gift idea for me and it may be for that bird lover on your gift list, too.

yellow bird planter
5.5 inch Yellow Bird Couple with Boots Container D├ęcor / Planter Pot Cover
(paid link)

Isn’t the one shown above adorable? It will hold a 3 inch pot with whatever planting you want to add. The planter is made of porcelain so I would make sure that it is in an area where it won’t be too exposed to the elements. It would be very cute indoors, too.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a planter for the bird lover is where will they most likely use it. Will they want to have it outdoors in the garden? Would they prefer one that can be used indoors? I recommend that you look the planter over and see if has a recommendation for usage. Some will say indoor/outdoor while others will be very specific about it only being used indoors. The reason for that is the material it is made of.

wall planter with birds
Panacea Perching Birds Wall Planter with Coco Liner, 16-Inch, Black
(paid link)

I love this wall plant with different birds in silhouette! This would work indoors or out but I love it for the outdoors, myself. Hang it on a garden wall or gate and fill with a variety of cheerful plants.

There are so many mediums used for planters. Some are ceramic or porcelain which typically need to be indoors or in a protected area outside. Resin planters work well anywhere. Metal planters can be found in abundance but not all are meant to be used outdoors. If the planters are painted they should be fine but if they have no protective coat on them, they should be in an area that is covered. Why? Well, they can rust when exposed to rain. I personally like that rusty look but I wouldn’t want a rust stain to cover the wall or gate that I have it hanging on.

birds iron planter
IMAX Ardene Iron Bird Planter
(paid link)

I love the versatility of this planter made from iron! It will hold up to 7 four inch pots and can be used indoors or outdoors if it is kept in a covered area. It can also sit beautifully on a table, porch, or deck. Personally, I would like it hanging on a wall of the porch that gets enough sunlight to encourage plants to grow. Another idea for this type of planter is to coat it with a clear coat of urethane before putting it outside. It won’t rust any further if it has been coated.

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