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Have Your Children Met The Monsters That Deal With Emotions?

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At about the age of 2 or 3 our little children sometimes go into emotional overdrive. The WorryWoo Monsters can help them with learning to deal with different emotions that they do not quite know how to cope with yet. They may fell frustrated, confused, lonely or worried causing them to act out in all sorts of undesirable ways.

Enter some special little stuffed animals called the WorryWoo Monsters that basically are the monsters in their little heads. The stuffed toys can be purchased alone or in sets with an accompanying book about the emotion and how the monster learned to deal with it. You can also purchase the books separately, if you like.

Plush & Book Combo WorryWoo Twitch, the Very Frustrated Monster

Twitch, the curly horned monster in many a child’s head gets frustrated very easily. He tries so hard to do things the right way but when things don’t go his way he stomps, yells, acts badly and just plain gives up. The book and toy help children to learn that proper way to deal with frustration and that giving up is not a good solution.

rue worryroo monster
Rue, The Monster of Insecurity & Book: The Nose That Didn’t Fit

Little Rue feels very insecure about how he looks so he hides a lot. He thinks his nose doesn’t fit his other features and is afraid people will laugh at him. The stuffed toy and book help children to feel better about themselves, their appearance and the insecurities they feel.

There are other little monsters that can help children with their emotions including:

  • Nola and her loneliness
  • Fuddle who deals with confusion
  • Wince who worries a lot
  • Squeek who is shy and innocent

I love this idea as a tool for parents and grandparents to help the little ones learn to cope with the emotions that they are feeling. Every child, well many adults too, feels these emotions on a regular basis. Sometimes it is difficult for us to explain coping skills to a small child in a manner that they can understand. The books offer a fun solution to us grown-ups to help the kids a little and the toys, well, they are just so lovable and will help the child remember the story.

Grandma Bev thinks these little toys and the stories that go with them are perfect gifts for a birthday or Christmas. They are also nice for just a little “I love you” gift to be given when we see that our children or grandchildren are struggling with an emotion.

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  1. So often, we simply don’t know what our children are thinking, or why they behave the way they do. Actually, that is true for adults too. Having these little WorryWoo Monsters and they accompanying books might help deal with an issue we don’t even know exists long before it is able to fully take root and do damage. I think they are great and that every child should have them all.

  2. These sound like great gifts for young children. These would be a wonderful resource especially for foster and adoptive parents.

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