Red Appliances

Red is a perfect example of a color that works better in a kitchen if we use it sparingly. Choosing a small appliance for the counter in the color red will be more appealing than if we painted all of the walls in a red color. We might decide to have all of the appliances in red with the walls and cabinets done in a different color that is not as bold. This page is dedicated to showing you some options for picking useful and fun tools to use or just display in your kitchen that are red.

Red Toasters

A bright red toaster on the kitchen counter brings color to the room and helps with preparing breakfast or any time we need some slices of bread toasted for a meal. Here a few fun options to consider in red. I am only showing three but there are other styles, too.

Two Slice ToasterTwo Slice ToasterCheck Availability

Red Metal ToasterRed Metal ToasterCheck Availability

Retro Red Retro Red Check Availability


Red Blenders

I don’t know about you but my blender gets a lot of use. I can make smoothies, half of the recipe for my iced latte and many parts of making other kinds of recipes. This little appliance sits on my counter all the time because it is used a lot. If I were doing my kitchen using red, I would definitely have one of these red ones!

Red Oster 12 Speed BlenderRed Oster 12 Speed BlenderCheck Availability

Red KitchenAid BlenderRed KitchenAid BlenderCheck Availability

Cuisinart Blender In RedCuisinart Blender In RedCheck Availability


Red Coffee Makers

One of these coffee makers would certainly make a nice statement on your kitchen counter top.

Red 12 Cup BrewerRed 12 Cup BrewerCheck Availability

5 Cup Coffee Maker In Red5 Cup Coffee Maker In RedCheck Availability

Single Serve Coffee MakerSingle Serve Coffee MakerCheck Availability


Red Toaster Ovens

My husband and I actually use a toaster oven instead of a standard toaster. I like it because I do have the option of using it for other things besides toast. I use the one that is shown in the center photo and love it. I can heat up small items and have even baked small items in mine.

Toaster Oven In RedToaster Oven In RedCheck Availability

Red Toaster Oven WarmerRed Toaster Oven WarmerCheck Availability

Classic Red Toaster OvenClassic Red Toaster OvenCheck Availability


Red Hand Mixers

Kitchenaid Red MixerKitchenaid Red MixerCheck Availability

Red 5 Speed MixerRed 5 Speed MixerCheck Availability

Red 3 Speed MixerRed 3 Speed MixerCheck Availability


Red Stand Mixers

Personally, I use a stand mixer when I need to mix ingredients. I do bake quite a bit and so I like the extra power and stronger motor of the stand mixers over the hand mixers. When I was much younger, I burned up three hand models before I finally decided that it would be less expensive in the long run to get a really good mixer. It was a good decision for me and in all of these years I have only had to replace that original purchase once.

Stand Mixer In RedStand Mixer In RedCheck Availability

Red Mixer By SunbeamRed Mixer By SunbeamCheck Availability

Hamilton Beach MixerHamilton Beach MixerCheck Availability


Other Red Appliance Options

There are other small appliances for your kitchen that come in red versions, too. I am showing three options but there are also waffle makers, crepe makers and all sorts of tools that can both help you with meal preparation and add color to your kitchen.

Red Electric KettleRed Electric KettleCheck Availability

Red Slow CookerRed Slow CookerCheck Availability

Red Microwave OvenRed Microwave OvenCheck Availability


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