Christmas Cookie Jars

Christmas Cookie Jars

I think that I have probably mentioned that I love having seasonal cookie jars sitting in my kitchen to help with the holiday decor and Christmas is no exception. It is one of those holidays, if not the main holiday, that we think about baking. Many of us give baked goods like cookies as gifts to friends and co-workers while other just like to have some Christmas cookies around the house for when we have guests come to visit.

In my opinion, if you do not have any other holiday themed cookie jar in the house, Christmas would be the most important one. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that is all that important, it is just that they can be so festive. We do tend to decorate more this this holiday than any other with Halloween coming in a close second here in the United States, anyway.

If you are not one who chooses to bake your own cookies, Christmas is a time that you can find some fun ones at the local bakery or grocery stores that you can place in a cookie jar for your family or guests who come over to celebrate the holiday with you.

There are so many styles to choose from anymore. I am particularly fond of the Santa ones but then I collect Santas so naturally my thoughts go there when looking for a Christmas cookie jar. Sometimes you can even find a Mrs. Claus, who is known the world over for her baking skills. How do you think Santa stays so round and jolly? Mrs. C supplies him with yummy treats throughout the year. At least that is what I have always heard.

I thought maybe it might be fun to show you an easy way to add to your Christmas decorating by showing you a few Christmas jars for cookies that are available to choose from.

Grasslands Has Cookie Jars For Christmas

Grasslands makes a lot of fun holiday decor items for just about any holiday we can think of. This year for Christmas they have three cookie jars that I particularly like. That owl is just so darn cute and I would be tempted to let it sit out on the counter even after Christmas is over.

Snowman Cookie JarSnowman Cookie Jar

Winter Owl Cookie JarWinter Owl Cookie Jar

Hungry Snowman JarHungry Snowman Jar

Santa Cookie Jars

I am sure you are not surprised that I would find some Santa ones! I am absolutely in love with the Victorian one and just may have to get that one to just sit on a shelf as a decoration. It looks too fragile for little hands to be messing with. The Chef want is just as cute and maybe a little more durable for grandchildren to take cookies out of.

Victorian Santa Victorian Santa

Chef SantaChef Santa

Traditional SantaTraditional Santa

Additional Options For A Holiday Cookie Jar

There were three additional ones that I thought were different and fun for placing in the kitchen during the time that we have our Christmas decorations up. As you can see from the ones that I have shown in this post, there is a cookie jar that can go in just about any style of kitchen.

Cute For ChristmasCute For Christmas

Stack Of GiftsStack Of Gifts

Christmas House JarChristmas House Jar

A hint that I can give you is that it is a good idea to save the box that your Christmas cookie jar comes in. That way when the holidays are over and the cookies have all been eaten, you can wash the jar and safely store it away until next year.

Featured Image Credit: Free Pixabay Image

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