Halloween Salt And Pepper Sets

Halloween Salt And Pepper Sets

I am still looking at ideas to use to decorate the kitchen for Halloween and this week I have found salt and pepper sets with the theme that can be used during the month of October. Did you know that there ever were cute little sets to use as a part of your decorating? I didn’t until I just happened to be looking around and saw some really cute ideas.

The fun thing about having one or two sets of salt and pepper shakers for any holiday decor is that they can be used to just sit on a shelf or they can be on the table ready for the family to use while you dine. Heck, some of them are so darned cute, I am tempted to sit them around in other parts of the house just as a decoration for a shelf!

Boo SetBoo SetCheck Availability

Vampire CoupleVampire CoupleCheck Availability

Witch and her FamiliarWitch and her FamiliarCheck Availability

Furry BonesFurry BonesCheck Availability

See what I mean? This is only my four most favorites! I am showing the Furry Bones Cats and there are several other options in the Furry Bones line that would look adorable sitting just about anywhere. They do not HAVE to have salt and pepper in them, ya know.

When I was a kid and would go visit my Great-Grandparents they did not have any shakers for salt or pepper on their table. Instead there was a small sized bowl (almost a berry sized bowl) sitting on the table with salt in it. If you needed extra salt you took a small spoon and dabbled it onto your food. What I did not know then but I do know now was that it was their own version of a salt cellar. You see there have not always been shakers for salt. It is believed that John Mason (the same guy who gave us canning jars) invented a receptacle to dispense salt evenly through holes in the lid. It did not work so well in the beginning. Fifty years later, the Morton Salt company added magnesium carbonate to their salt and bing, bam, boom….the salt could pour out of a shaker.

What I like about having special little sets for Halloween is that they can be cleaned and stored away after Halloween and then brought out again for years to come as a part of the  overall decorating for this fun October holiday each year. It can begin to be a tradition just as we often have decorations for Christmas that we use each year. Items like these become things that the family begins to look forward to seeing again.

To view even more ideas for shakers for your kitchen visit this link:  Halloween S & P Sets.

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  1. Love the furry bones the best. They would be great on the Mexican Day of the Dead too.

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