Spider Web Kitchen Basket Server

Spider Web Kitchen Basket Server

Halloween Will Be Here Before You Know It

I am always looking for items that I can use in the house to decorate for Halloween and I have found a cute little item that will work in the kitchen or dining room for this year and years to come. A two-tier basket that looks like a spider web is perfect for serving all kinds of small treats.

2 Tier Metal Basket Spider Web Bowl Treats Candy Holder Halloween Kitchen Decor

This fun little piece of decor can be so useful! I can place small candies in it for people to help themselves. It would look adorable with small little gourds and pumpkins displayed for a centerpiece. The spider web basket will fit on the kitchen or dining room table, the counter or a buffet if you have one.

It is even a fun idea for an office to have on the desk or perhaps in the reception area for customers or clients to enjoy. I think it would be hysterical to place a fake spider under some of the candy to scare people with but I have a bit of a sick sense of humor.

This is one of those things that you might find way before you need it but that is no problem. Just store it away until it is time to get those Halloween decorations out. I think it is so cute, I may have to get two or three of them and have them sitting in different rooms. It is really going to coordinate with just about any Halloween theme in a room, that is for sure. I think it is one of those subtle little touches that can be added to the decor that kind of finishes the room. It is all in the details and this little detail just makes me smile with the possibilities of it’s functionality.

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