Tablecloths For Halloween

Tablecloths For Halloween

Decorating for Halloween has become almost as popular as decorating for the Christmas Holiday. The table should not be forgotten when deciding on decorating items. Follow along with me as I give you some ideas for your table in your home or for that special Halloween Party you are planning. You will find Halloween Tablecloths, Halloween Table Runners, and other Halloween table linens.

Your Table Sets The Mood

No matter which holiday you are decorating for, the table sets the mood. Choosing a fun and whimsical tablecloth for Halloween can be the beginning of your theme for this fun fall holiday.

Once you have made your selection for the tablecloth, you can then decide what will fit nicely for your centerpiece and go from there.

Depending on whether you are decorating for the entire month or just for a special Halloween party you can find a tablecloth to suit your mood. There are scary ones, creepy ones, and whimsical ones to choose from or really simple ones like the image below.

autumn table

If you are feeling really creative and have an artistic and crafty gene that you want to connect with you can take some ideas from this video and make something really unique for your table decoration with a cloth for the table that you created yourself.



Make it yourself

One way to decorate your Halloween table with a unique tablecloth is to purchase some really great Halloween fabric and make your own. That way you can have something that fits your personality and a tablecloth that is not found in stores. Tablecloths are easy to make, just pick the fabric and make sure it will cover your table, hem the edges and it is done. A great source for fabrics is shown below.

Fall Flowers For Your Halloween Table

You may decide that a tablecloth with a specific Halloween theme just is not right for the look you want. You can go with a more traditional look with a cloth, runner, or placemats that are in fall colors. Placing a lovely bouquet of flowers on top of the tablecloth will add a finished look to your table at Halloween and can continue into the rest of the fall season.

Not Feeling Crafty?

Hey, that is OK, not all of us have a desire to make things ourselves. There is no crime in that. There are plenty of options of ready made Halloween tablecloths that can be purchased and put right on the table. One hint that I would give on these that you purchase from a store is that once you have taken it out of its packaging you might want to get those creases out of it. You know what I mean, I am sure, those deep creases caused from the manufacture when they placed it in the sleeve. What I do is (if it is cloth!) put it in my clothes dryer. I put a damp towel in with it and tumble it for about 20 minutes. The dampness from the towel helped to get the crease out. Of course you can always get the old iron out and press those creases out, too.

Use this handy link to see your options at Amazon: Halloween Tablecloths. Sometimes you do not want a full tablecloth so you can also consider a table runner that will go down the center of your table. Actually, I like to use an autumn colored plain tablecloth and then top it with a festive runner. It gives the overall look more depth.

Placemats are a great option for the kitchen table for the month of October. I don’t particularly like to use them for a party but they do add some fun in decorating for Halloween for every day use.

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