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Whether you are an avid reader of all kinds of books or just want to keep your birding books together, a fun way to do it and show your passion for birds is to have at least one pair of bird bookends in the house. There are so many wonderful and I do mean wonderful options for doing this very thing! We can choose a non-descript bird or we can get pretty darned specific in our favorite species of bird if we want. I have been shopping around because I have decided that I do want at least one set of bookends that depict birds in some way. I will keep all of my bird books together being held in place with the pair. But, I may have to get more than one because I do have a lot of books sitting around that could be organized and displayed in a really creative way. Let me show you some of the ones that I am considering getting for myself.

I like this pair of birds to hold my books together because for one thing they are made of iron so they should be able to prop up the weightier books that I have. My field guide of birds is pretty thick and needs something with some sustenance to it to keep it up right. I also like the verdi finish to them because it will go well in my sun room where I do a lot of my bird watching.

iron bird bookends
Iron Birds On Branch Bookends
(paid link)

What I like about this next pair of bird bookends is that they are perfect for taller books, especially if they happen to be paperback books. You know how sometimes a tall paperback will start to lean and warp just a little from not having enough support? I hate that! Well, this pair of bookends would do nicely for those taller books on our shelves. They stand 7 inches tall  which will do nicely with my Birds Of North America field guide. That book is 8 1/2 inches tall so the 7 inches will accommodate it quite nicely.  The book also weighs a little over 3 pounds so it needs something substantial to hold it up. Of course I’ll have other books about birds sitting with the guide so this one does look like it will do the job.  Cute little songbirds sit on a branch and keep our books in order.

bronze bird bookends
Bird on Branch Bronze Bookends Set
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Remember how I mentioned earlier that we could get specific on the species of birds that will hold up our books? I found some that are owls, sparrows and other birds but the ones that really caught my attention were the ones in this set of bookends, little finches. I get such a kick out of the little house finches that visit my feeders and I just adore the goldfinches when they come around. I think these would look awesome on a bookshelf but they would also look really nice on a desk or table in any room. This pair is taller than it looks standing about 6 1/4 inches tall so they will work with taller books as well as the shorter books that we have about our winged friends.

finch bookends
Branch Resting Finch Bookends
(paid link)

I could go on forever with samples of Bird Bookends (paid link) but I think you are getting the general idea of what is available although I haven’t even pecked a decent whole in the tree for the different options. I am really torn between the tall pair and the little finches as the first pair I will purchase. Which pair of bird bookends did you like the best?

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