Clocks With Birds

Many of the birds who visit my backyard are so regular in when they come to feed that I could almost set a clock to their arrival. So, that got me to thinking that a clock with a bird theme might be fun to have in the kitchen. I’ve been looking around and have found both some fun designs of bird clocks along with some that have a more traditional style┬áto┬áthem. I just have to decide if I want to go with a little whimsy or not.

I’m guessing you have been looking for a bird clock, too and that is how you ended up on this page. So, I am going to share some of my favorite clocks with a bird theme to them to make your shopping a little easier.

Hear Birds Sing When The Time Changes

Actually, my Mom had this clock in her kitchen and that is why I decided to put it on this page because I have actually seen and heard it in action. It is pretty cool. As time comes around to another hour, you hear a different songbird of North America chirping the time (so to speak). What I like about this particular model is that it has a sensor in it so that if the room is dark the birds go silent. That way it won’t wake you up during the night.

audubon bird clock
Audubon Singing Bird Clock – 13 Inch Green

Wall Clocks With Quiet Birds In Black And White

You may not want birds chirping and singing the time out to you but would rather just have one that has birds represented on it. A few fun examples that will work in just about any room in your home or office would be the ones below.

Perched Birds ClockPerched Birds Clock

Retro Bird DesignRetro Bird Design

Early Bird ClockEarly Bird Clock

Can’t Forget The Cuckoo Clock!

There was a time when the Cuckoo Clocks all looked like they were made in the Black Forest of Germany and we can certainly still find both old and new ones with that type of styling. There are also some fun designs that have the “cuckoo” bird but are more contemporary in design. Here is a small sample of them for you to consider. I particularly like the one that has a cardinal as the cuckoo.

Old World Style Cuckoo ClockOld World Style Cuckoo Clock

Cardinal Cuckoo ClockCardinal Cuckoo Clock

Cottage Style Cuckoo ClockCottage Style Cuckoo Clock


Desk Clocks With Birds

Maybe you do not want a wall clock but would rather have one that you can sit on a desk, table, shelf or mantel. Well, there are a few options for those, too.

Shabby Chic Bird ClockShabby Chic Bird Clock

Bird Table ClockBird Table Clock

Bird And Floral DesignBird And Floral Design

I haven’t even made a scratch on the bark for all of the styles that are available when it comes to choosing a bird clock for a part of our home and office decor. But, I hope I gave you some fun options to consider. One of these clocks for bird lovers may fit in your home or you could certainly consider one for a friend or family member on your gift list who loves birds. One would also be a great housewarming gift or even a wedding gift.

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