Dinnerware With Birds

Our human feeding stations otherwise known as the kitchen or dining room table can be adorned with birds on our plates and dinnerware. There are some really pretty designs to grace our tables along with some that are whimsical and fun. I am sure you will find one that fits your color scheme or may inspire you to change the colors in your kitchen or dining room to suit the new plates that you chose.

Lenox Fine China With Birds

What a pretty set! You get a place setting for 1 person which includes a dinner plate, a luncheon or salad plate, a bowl and a cup. That bold teal really accents the pretty watercolor birds and splashes of red and pink. It is made of fine bone china and will work in your dishwasher and microwave.

lenox chirp dinnerware
Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Dinnerware

Winter Cardinal Set Of Dinnerware

Oh, I just love the shape of the dishes in this set for the table! That tall mug is pretty cool, too! A rather minimalist design with black trees and branches showing a single red cardinal perched on a branch. The set includes a service for 4 people with a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug for a total of 16 pieces. Wouldn’t this look amazing on a red tablecloth?

winter cardinal dinnerware
Winter Cardinal Square Dinnerware Set

Wild Wings Table Set In Melamine

This is almost like a trip down memory lane! Back when I was a girl dishes were introduced that were not made of china or stoneware. They were called Melmac back then. Well, we have a new improved version out today that is called melamine. Yep, you guessed it…they offer a set with birds! Pretty songbirds that are so very colorful! Your set will include a dinner plate, tumblers and a bowl. Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

melamine bird dishes
Wild Wings Tableware Set – Songbird Series

This is just a small sampling of the dinnerware sets that can adorn our tables with our little winged friends being the focal point of the dishes. Rather than fill up a page with a bunch of links to different types of dishes I’ll just end this post with a link that will show you all the dishes and dinnerware sets that are available right now. Bird Dinnerware can be found in fine china, porcelain, stoneware, melamine and even paper. There are even fun sets for the holidays with birds all perched in festive or winter scenes.

Have fun and let me know what your favorite design is.

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