Wall Decor With Birds

I think that it is just wonderful that we have some options to add some bird decor to our walls and it is not just a picture to hang. Of course I don’t have a problem with pictures and actually have a few but there are other options to add our winged friends to a wall besides a print, picture or piece of art. One can find some wallpapers that have birds on them or we can go with a much simpler process by choose the wall decals to place on a wall. They are so much easier than hanging wallpaper and can add a dramatic touch to any wall. The image below is only one example of the many ways that you can use a wall decal to add birds to your room.

bird wall decal
WallStickersUSA Contemporary Wall Sticker Decal, Tree Branches, Leaves, Lovebirds, and Hearts
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Wall Hangings Add Depth And Interest To A Wall

There are so many options to go with in a wall hanging when it comes to incorporating birds into the decorating theme. I like the metal ones, personally because if I decide I don’t want it in one room anymore, they can usually be moved to a different room and will still look just fine. What I like about the one below is that the wall hanging also adds the light element to the design by having cups where we can add some candles to it. In the evening when the candles are lit, the birds may give the illusion of moving!

metal bird wall hanging
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Birds Can Work For You On A Wall

Those little feathered friends do not have to just sit there and look pretty on your wall. Oh no, you can actually have something functional hanging on the wall with a bird theme. Do you have a mud room or a room where you like to keep a jacket, sweater or tools hanging so that they are readily available? Well, how about a set of hooks hanging that show birds in some form or another? I particularly like the one below! I could hang it near the door to my sun room because that is the door that I exit to go out and feed the birds and tend to my garden. Having a jacket to slip on hanging there would be mighty convenient on a cool day.

bird wall hooks
Metal Twig and Bird Wall Hooks
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Other ideas for wall decor with birds would be hanging a pretty throw blanket on the wall that has a bird scene in it like it was a tapestry or you could get an actual tapestry, too. A lovely quilt that has a bird design is another option. The fun thing is that we can find new stuff but do not rule out going to thrift shops, antique malls and flea markets to find bird wall decor. There was a time when birds were a very popular way to decorate so you can find some pretty cool stuff that may be old but still useful. If it is in a medium that can be painted like wood or metal, I wouldn’t worry too much if it is the wrong color. Buy it cheap enough and you can paint it the color you want.

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